Instagram Roundup: January 2015

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I can't believe January has been and gone already! I am quite glad though, as I always think January is one of the worst months; the weather is awful, Christmas and New Year are over and it's back to work with nothing to look forward to! This January hasn't been too bad; of course the post-Christmas slump is never nice and the weather has been as bad as predicted (with no snow to even lift the spirits! Although I'm sure not everyone would agree that snow is a good thing!) but I've had a pretty busy January really; blogging in full swing as well as working at my other job means I've been non-stop most of the month. 

I've worked with Clarks on this post about their amazing new SS15 range and I've also showcased some beaut brogues from Fashion Union. Beauty hasn't been forgotten, either, with posts about Nanshy's new makeup sponge and tips and tricks for lazy makeup wins. New to the blog this year are my 'Record of the Week' posts and I've also been delving into the archives to bring you some 'throwback' posts too, as well as my 'Bloggers Guide' series which continues into 2015! 

I've decided to switch out the weekly Instagram posts for a summary of the month instead, which I think will be a little more interesting and give me a greater wealth of imagery to talk about rather than the same old thing I've been snapping each week. I think this will also give the blog a bit more space for me to dedicate to other content, with copy dedicated to music, fitness and interiors as well as fashion and beauty, and of course, the 'charity shop find' posts (which are my favourite!) Enjoy!

XO Amie
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