A Blogger's Guide #3

For today's Blogger's Guide episode, I am going to be talking about the steps to take when you've set up your blog and begun posting. You may have a few followers already, and they are going to want to read your content, and look at your images. I will be dedicating two separate posts to these specifics later on through the series but what I want to look at first is the importance of being yourself.

Many people start blogs for different reasons. I personally chose to start mine as a hobby (read more here) and I have managed to turn my love for fashion, and the enjoyment I get from writing, into something more than that. I often joke that my blog is a second full-time job, and in a lot of ways, it is, but without the paycheque at the end of the month! However, I do feel I am reimbursed in other ways, even if they are not purely financial.

Blogs can come about out of the interest in a subject, and wanting to write about it; as a personal space or online journal, as a business, even; there are some bloggers who want to get into the blogosphere purely to make money although I think the blogs that are the most successful at that are the ones who never intended to go down that route. What I think is very obvious is that bloggers who write passionately and confidently about a topic inherently come across as more of an authority on that subject, it is clear to me if someone is writing a post that they don't really want to, but can't afford or choose not to turn down.

I think the crux of this post is that I feel that being yourself is the key. Self promotion is hard. Networking is difficult when you are just starting out and your stats don't sit up next to the more established bloggers. What makes you individual? What makes you interesting? There are so many blogs on the internet, so many people trying to get their voice heard. It seems to me that there is no point in trying to copy someone else's style; they aren't you and anyway, they already have a blog so you need to find something that sets you apart and focus on that. It is difficult sometimes when you feel you are just a drop in the ocean, but there are people that love to read your blog, so give them great content you can be proud of.

XO Amie
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