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Hotel Bustle fisherman shoes c/o Clarks

I've got some of my very favourite shoes from Clarks. I love how they have the ability to continually appeal to their huge customer base; they provide shoes to people of all ages and with completely different needs, and they still manage to make a shoe or two each season which wouldn't look out of place on the 'style edit' pages of Elle or Vogue magazine (and they are, simultaneously, often found there.)

The Spring season is always a bit of a challenge to dress for; it's usually not warm enough to get into flip flops, but it is too warm for a boot and in any case, I am completely over wearing boots by that point, after spending the entire winter in them. I always feel that it's a bit of an in-between, and how do you dress accordingly?

Clarks have really nailed this seasons' looks and I was particularly impressed with their range of flats. The brogues and chelsea boots are always a favourite of mine, but for spring they have introduced a whole range of flat sandals which have a beautifully tomboyish edge. I picked these fisherman sandals, an update of a classic style that Clarks have re-worked in their own, very British, way. The masculine style sandal is given a feminine twist with the multi strapped detail and the wooden block heel gives just enough of a lift. The deep, petroleum navy shade of these sandals sets them apart from anything else I own, or have seen on the high street this season, and I just love them.

Of course, Clarks are about so much more than fashion trends, despite being able to translate their shoes to fit to these. These sandals are beautifully made; the high quality leather used is apparent and the sandals are soft and comfortable to wear. This style will also be available in a pale, oyster-shell coloured leather later in the season, and I know that these are a pair I will be wearing daily. Clarks offer half sizes, too, which is great for me as I can ensure a perfect fit; so often I have to 'make do' with shoes slightly too big or too small, but being able to shop for my actual size is really quite refreshing!

If you don't have a Clarks store near to you I would suggest you check out the website, which has an amazing range to browse and buy. You can view the full womens collection here.

XO Amie
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