Review: The Nanshy Makeup Sponge

Beauty blending sponge c/o Nanshy

I have only recently begun to broaden my range of beauty tools and I've got to admit that I've never tried a beauty blending sponge before. I've only ever applied my foundation with wither my fingertips (especially if it is a BB cream) or, of course, a brush: either Estee Lauder or Lancome flat foundation brushes or the Real Techniques buffing brush. So my interest was piqued when I was sent this beauty blending sponge to try. Of course, I'd heard of a beauty blender sponge before, but having never used one, was unsure of what to expect.

What I liked about Nanshy firstly was their background: a UK based beauty company producing high quality tools that are 100% cruelty free. Also, they offer a huge range of tools, not limited to sponges but also brushes and other accessories. This sponge is the 4-in-1 Marvel Foundation Blender, and it features a fine tip for blending, a flat surface for stippling, a rounded bottom for easy foundation application and an ergonomic shape for ease of use.

The sponge is incredibly soft and squidgy when initially removed from the packaging. It has to be run under water to use, and doing so will see it expand to about an added third of its size. Once wrung out, you can use to apply foundation. I tried this in a couple of ways; adding the makeup product directly to the sponge, which I found a little difficult to control, or by putting the foundation onto the back of my hand, and then adding it to my face using the sponge which I found much easier. You can use the rounded part of the sponge to roll the product on, and I particularly liked the flat edge with the pointed feature which meant I could conceal under my eyes and around my nose with ease.

I use liquid foundation but this can also be used to apply cream and mineral based products and also applied cream blusher with ease. I loved the airbrushed finish it gave and I am so pleased with the ease of use; it doesn't streak your base as some brushes can do and it is also incredibly easy to clean.

Shop the range here.

XO Amie
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