Lazy Makeup Wins

Max Factor Shadow Stick // Benefit It Stick // Maybelline Colour Drama // Seventeen Eye Eye Crayon

Makeup can be tricky. There's a lot to choose from, for a start, and once you've found the right product, then there's all sorts of rules and techniques about how to apply it. It wasn't until recently that I worked out what a 'fluffy blending brush' (a term so loved by those in the know) even was, and then working out how to correctly use it took a lot longer and copious amounts of Youtube tutorials.

Personally, I like to keep it simple. In terms of makeup, especially day to day, the easier the better, if you ask me. I don't want to faff about with a million brushes or tools of varying size to make my face look good, and I've encountered some products that have definitely aided my makeup slothfulness, so I thought I'd share them!

I love cream eyeshadows, I use a No.7 one consto that I've blogged about many a time, and when I'm not using that, I want something just as easy to master. I really rate these shadow pencils; the Max Factor one is in a taupe tone and the Seventeen is a coppery colour. They are the easiest things; swipe them over the lid and smudge the crease out with your finger. Done. They stay put all day too which is important!

The Benefit It Stick is a concealer working along the same principle. Scribble over where you need coverage, and blend out. I use this on my under eye circles and then pat the product in with my fingertips. It works really well and takes minimum effort!

Finally, lips. Who wants the effort of lining and filling in, when one product can do both? This Colour Drama for lips is an amazing, creamy pencil that applies neatly and precisely and has great longevity. I love this and it's such an easy handbag essential.

So, for lazy days, or for me, most days, I can't recommend these products enough!

XO Amie
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