Monday, 1 September 2014

Instagram Week #35


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This week I've been really busy, as seems to be the way of it most weeks but it's been nice to see some friends this week, starting with a meal on Sunday night and then catching up with everyone again on Saturday at a Howling Owl gig featuring Ela Orleans, who I'd never seen before but who was awesome. 

I've posted a bit about haircare this week as my lovely friend Steph gave me this Bleach London shampoo to try. I reviewed it here and will update the post after I've used it a few more times. 

Despite the changeable weather I have tried to make the most of the last few weeks of summer (although I've heard there's meant to be a September heatwave!) by getting my legs out and definitely not reaching for boots just yet. I have re-found an old fave pair of brogues that were tucked away in my suitcase of shoes and I have been wearing them a lot, with boyfriend jeans and a shirt they make a really cute and easy-wear outfit for the days when bare legs aren't the way forward!

XO Amie

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hair Care with Bleach London

A lovely friend of mine recently gave me a bottle of Bleach London rose shampoo to try. It hadn't worked for her so she thought I'd like to try it out, and I had planned to review it anyway which got me to thinking about putting together a post about hair care.

My hair is super long and does take a lot of looking after; it's low maintenance in terms of styling as I often wear it down and let its natural wave do its thing, but getting it to that point can be an effort. I probably was my hair 2 to 3 times a week, which might seem like hardly at all to some people but it really doesn't seem to need to be washed daily. Normally by day 3 I need to use dry shampoo but only on my fringe and roots. I actually prefer to style my hair when it's a couple of days in, as when it's freshly washed it is far too fluffy and slippery to be able to style properly! I like to wash it in the evening, blow dry it straight and sleep on it, and then the next morning it's a little more manageable.

I have only used the Rose shampoo a couple of times but I really like it. I have a lot of bleached highlights and ombre through the lengths of my hair and whilst it didn't make it pink, it did seem to pick out the natural redness in my hair and give the blonde tones warmth. I think it will make a difference the more I use it; Steph, my friend, has very dark hair with blond at the tips and I can see it wouldn't have had much of an impact on her hair just because it was so dark. The best thing about the shampoo is the smell, it has a rose scent which is just amazing!

This backcombing brush is something I use a lot in styling, I love to  create a backcombed low ponytail, it's so easy and one of my go-to looks. I like the pointed end which helps to define a parting and it only cost £1 from Primark!

Because my hair is so long and thick, hair pins and grips are essentials. I always have hundreds in the bedroom, bathroom and in my bag; I'm always losing them! These are a mix of longer length ones and the standard ones, the longer ones are ideal for me because my hair is thick so the normal sized ones aren't always strong enough to keep a style.

My latest hair care find is this Trevor Sorbie serum which I have been using in between uses of the Grapefruit hair oil I blogged about last week. It's very light and whilst I'm always sceptical of products that claim to be able to 'reseal split ends' it does definitely make my hair softer and silkier, less frizzy, and also helps protect against heat damage. So definitely a product I'd rate!

What are your haircare must haves?

XO Amie

Friday, 29 August 2014


Follow me on VSCO Cam here

In this social media obsessed world, it seems as if new platforms are cropping up all the time. Most of these I tend not to use; I stick with what I know and like (Instagram and Twitter, mainly; I don't even really use Facebook all that much these days!)

 I do tend to become addicted to a new social platform that I discover I like; I've done it with Pinterest and the latest on the list is VSCO Cam. This is a photo sharing site, similar to Instagram but without the 'likes' and is basically page after page of incredibly beautiful photographs. I think you can just use it to edit pictures you'd like to use elsewhere, as the filter options are really good, but you can also 'follow' other users and create newsfeeds of snappers you like.

I have to admit I have found it to be quite a difficult platform. It's not very user friendly; it's particularly tricky to use on a phone as it's not easy to see how to go 'back' a page (for me anyway) but perhaps I'm just doing it wrong! I have uploaded a few test shots (there's actually more than is showing in the screen shot above, but again, not sure how to get these to show up on the main 'grid'

EDIT: I've since realised that you have to upload your photos to the grid to get them to show up! I'm so not any good at technology!

Do you use VSCO Cam? If so, please leave me your username so I can follow you; when I try and search for anyone I think I might know, I can't find anyone!

XO Amie

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Archive #2

My last archive post was well recieved so I thought I'd revisit some of the other outfits from seasons past! This look is from October 2010, and I would wear all these items tomorrow! In fact, I wear the cardigan often and the bag and shoes are still wardrobe staples; proving that the classic pieces that I've bought have shown that they have longevity that is continuous over the seasons, and years!

The trousers were an absolute fave from Zara, I remember wearing them to absolute rags until I finally had to get rid of them because they were so very worn. I've not been able to find a pair of black wool peg trousers to replace them since; back in 2010 I never wore jeans so a wool peg trouser or cotton slim trouser for winter/summer was a wardrobe essential. Maybe I'll be able to find a replacement for them this Autumn.

My hair looks fairly presentable here although the braid is a headband, not my real hair! I can now halo-braid my own hair because it's so much longer here; this haircut was almost a year on from the 'mullet' cut I sported back in late '09 and thankfully it was starting to grow out! I was trying to sort the top layers and a sweeping fringe was the look of the day, something I'm considering resurrecting for now, as I am growing out my blunt fringe and it is driving me crackers. I have tried to centre part it, but it's a little too short to sit right so I've been pinning it to the side. 

This is again a really classic look for me, and although it's a little tame in some respects I love the simplicity of it. A lot of my older looks are very heavily accessorised but I think I had just started to think about 'less is more' and focus on maybe one or two key pieces in an outfit, for example the shoes or bag. I am definitely referring to this look for AW inspo!

XO Amie

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Instagram Week #34

Sonia Rykiel // Product review // Beach // Yull lipliners // Weston Pier // Notebooks // Grey day // BTS Fashion Shoot // Compin' on the blog

I was off work last week, and I spent it chilling out at home, catching up with my friends and also taking part in a fashion shoot (more on this soon.) I had a really nice week off and the weather was actually ok; apart from being unseasonably cold it didn't rain too much so I was able to enjoy the sunshine in Weston when I went over to see my mum and dad. 

On one of these trips to Weston, I stopped at the TK Maxx at Worle which is one of my favourites, I always seem to find great things there. Sure enough it did not disappoint! I got some gorge leather bound notebooks (fast outpacing my scented candle obsession!) and also some amazing pieces from & Other Stories; who knew that brand would be available in TK Maxx?! 

I did have to work over the bank holiday but it was ok as in typical British fashion, it rained all day! Hopefully summer isn't actually over; I'm hoping the warmer climes will come back! It feels too soon for boots and coats just yet!

XO Amie

Monday, 25 August 2014

Yull Makeup

Lipliners c/o Yull

I posted recently here about one of my favourite shoe brands, Yull. I have worked with Sarah who is the driving force behind the brand since back in 2011 when I first became aware of her and the incredible shoes she designs and makes! How exciting, then, to see that she has turned her hand to another potential area of the market; makeup!

I'm not sure what sort of range Yull will be coming out with, but at the moment I know that they have looked at lipliners and eyeliners to begin with and Sarah very kindly sent me a few lipliners to try! I was so pleased because Sarah knows I love a red lipstick so they are the perfect shade. There is a rich red and also a more brick red shade. The consistency of the liner is really smooth and it applies really easily; I've used lots of different lipliners over the years and these easily stand up against some of the best I've tried.

I think it's really important for businesses to be able to adapt and diversify to offer the products that their market needs, and I can't think of a better pairing than fashion and beauty. Lipstick and heels, the perfect accessories to make any woman feel amazing. 

I can't wait to see more from the Yull range, be it makeup or more shoes....I am particularly looking forward to the Brighton Brogues which are available now to buy here.

XO Amie

Saturday, 23 August 2014

By the Sea

Wearing: Gap hat Zara blouse Zara trousers Chanel shoes Vintage backpack

I love being by the seaside, even if it is windy. A stifling hot day is bearable with the breeze coming from the sea and I love spending time there!

I picked up these trousers and blouse in the Zara sale and I hadn't intended to wear them as an outfit but somehow it seems to work. I love the loose fit of the trousers which is actually ideal for really hot weather, I always struggle to venture out of my uniform of skinny jeans even in the summertime but they're not always comfortable, so a peg trouser becomes my go-to. And Zara always do great ones.

The blouse is really boxy and slightly cropped, which I think is why it works well with the trousers. It has a really pretty jewelled detail down the front which I think makes it probably more evening appropriate, but I like to wear it in the day, it means that I don't need to add any other accessories.

Finally I have been wearing these Chanel flats constantly. I've actually just had them resoled and reheeled as I've worn them so much! I love the shape of them and the way they look with these trousers. Definitely a favourite look!

XO Amie