Friday, 22 May 2015

Ankle ties

Sandals £12 Primark

I often speak of my tendancy to avoid Primark, not because I'm a snob, but because I really feel that I'm 'over' the whole 'fast fashion' revolution and quite clearly Primark makes no bones about the fact that this is what it's ethos is about. I have to admit that I do visit from time to time to replenish my vest stocks and also the socks and undercracker sections are often worth a gander but I rarely venture into the clothing or shoe sections when I visit the store.

The reason for this is fairly simple; I don't like wearing non-leather shoes for one, and I don't like the feel of a lot of the cheaper fabrics so beloved by these high-fashion, high turn over stores. It's not just Primark; I'm the same in H&M, Topshop, Zara, I have to like the look and feel of the fabric before I will invest. Likewise, I find myself looking with scrutiny at prints and patterns and, if they don't match up or look 'off' on the garment, I'm really not interested. Even the most luridly patterened 70's dress or shirt has a depth of print to it and you'll often find that the high street falls behind on such things. 

As with all posts of this ilk that I write I feel to prefix a Primark purchase with the things about Primark I don't like is a little ironic, however, you can find a gem or two on occasion and it was these woven leather sandals that I spotted and snapped up on a recent visit. I wouldn't normally go in for an ankle tie; I don't feel that they are flattering really as they tend to cut off the leg a bit but I liked how these looked with rolled up jeans and they are unlike any other style of sandal I own, which is just me making allowances for buying them but at least I'm not buying on repeat as I have been known to do! 

These sandals are also really comfortable and they are leather which is why I bought them; I don't like to wear faux leather shoes as I don't find them comfortable and hence why I usually avoid the Primark shoe section, I have seen similar styles to these in Toppers for £25 so at half the price they seemed like a good deal. Now I just hope the sun continues to shine so I can get some wear from them!

XO Amie

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Take 5: suede jackets

Take 5: suede jackets

1. H&M £29.99 here
2. Topshop £85 here
3. Warehouse £120 here
4. Topshop £135 here
5. Boohoo £15 here

There's no doubt about it, the Seventies are back in a big way and a great way to try this trend is to slink on a bit of suede. Surely the fabric of the decade (or maybe that was polyester?!) a touch of suede can instantly ignite your look with a little of that decadent 70's glamour. Whilst the bohemian fringing is, of course, a festival goers fave, a sleek and simple suede number can also transcend trends and become a wardrobe staple for years to come. I've picked out a few, from either end of the pricing scale too, so whether you would like to invest or you are just looking for a simple piece to trial the trend, there's something for everyone. I have to admit I'm rather partial to that fringed Boohoo number myself, it's khaki not black as it appears in the pic and it's a steal at just £15!

At the other end of the scale there are the Topshop and Warehouse versions, a little more like the classic biker or western jackets that you could wear for longer than fringing is 'du jour' and the Warehouse one especially with it's gorgeous pale grey colouring makes a welcome change from the usual heavy leather bikers; it's a summer evening worthy cover up for sure.

If a jacket is just not your thing, then nab a waistcoat, fringed or otherwise, for a taste of vintage glam. I actually have a vintage suede number that I blogged about here, but if I didn't, I'd be very tempted to invest in one! They make a great layering piece to throw over dresses or oversized tees and add another element to your look. I love a good jacket and I'd wear any of these! 

XO Amie

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Vintage appeal

Wearing: ASOS girlfriend jeans (here), vintage shirt, belt, bag, shoes and jewellery

This outfit was what I wore to go to a local vintage fair on Saturday. It was quite chilly first thing but by the time I walked back it was almost a summers day and so nice to be able to roll up my sleeves and get my sunglasses on! 

The blouse is a vintage Bennetton number I posted about in a chazza find post here. I've worn it since but I think this is the first time I've photographed it on for the blog. It's such a cool print and super grannyish with the beige and taupe colourways. It goes so nicely with my boxy Clarks vintage bag that was also a chazza find, as well as my belt which I've had for yonks.

Of course my fave vintage loafers are getting a bit of a caning at the moment as they are the perfect shoe for this type of weather. They are also super comfy and I love how they look with these ASOS jeans which I also seem to be wearing an awful lot! They are still on the ASOS website here and are such a great fit. I also bought them in another colour as I know I will get the wear from them and they look fab with sandals as well as heels, especially the new metallic lace up ones I recently posted on my Instagram!

XO Amie

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Summer Florals

Pomegranate Rose and Peony bouquet c/o Appleyard London flowers

I love fresh flowers, I think most people enjoy the beautiful aroma and gorgeous aesthetic of a really beautiful floral arrangement. So when Appleyard London contacted me and asked if I would like to receive a bunch from their new summer collection, I didn't hesitate to say yes!

I selected this peony, rose and lavender bunch because that's three of my favourite scents right there, and it's quite rare that you find lavender used in a bunch of flowers-in my experience anyway. I know a lot of people view lavender as a bit old fashioned, a bit grannyish and uncool, but I adore the scent; there would always be bunches of it hanging up at home when I was younger and if I ever pass a lavender bush when I'm out and about I'll always pick off a couple of flowers and put them in my pockets; they make your clothes and hands smell so nice! 

Appleyard London is a luxury florist brand offering flower delivery by post as well as gifts, hampers, wines and plants, making the website a one stop destination for anyone looking to send flowers or more. There are a huge range of beautiful bunches and they range in price from £20 to £80, so there's something to suit every budget as well as any occasion!

The website has a huge selection of bouquets to choose from and with the next day flowers option you can easily order a bunch at the last minute; perfect for gifts or a lovely treat to yourself! There are so many different types of bouquet and you can ensure you tailor your choice to the recipients taste for the perfect gift, with options such as luxury roses, scented flowers, heritage florals or shabby chic styles to name but a few. If you are after a particular colour scheme or type of flower, you can also filter the website to include these particulars, too!

The flowers arrived beautifully and (importantly) sturdily packed in a box, secured with pretty wrap and held in florists foam. These flowers have a 7 day freshness guarantee and on receipt, I added the supplied flower food to the water, trimmed a little off the end of each stem, and put them in my favourite Rob Ryan vase; any excuse to use that!

Appleyard London have offered readers of Credit Crunch Chic a 33% discount on any bouquets (excluding the flowers by post range). Simply enter the code BLOG33 at the checkout to take advantage of this offer!

XO Amie

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Products I've used up #14

Empties: Bleach London Rose conditioner // Givenchy Play // Botanics Refreshing eye roll on // Zuzka Botanicals rose petal facial spritz // Botanics Hot Cloth cleansing balm // Biorganics Perfect Balance rebalancing shampoo // No. 7 Beautiful Skin eye makeup remover // Aveeno hand cream with colloidal oatmeal

It's only been about a month since my last 'empties' post but I am finding that my efforts to use up what I've got, as opposed to just buying more and more, has helped to edit my beauty cupboard right down. In a sort through a couple of weeks or so ago, I binned off a load of products that were probably long past their best, and dug out a few other bits to use up and the upshot of that is another empties roundup!

There are a couple of repeat performers this time around, including this Aveeno hand cream which I've discussed at length here. I adore this product; my dry and scaly hands are so hard to hydrate but this works wonders and it isn't too expensive either, you can buy it here.

Another brand I've vouched for in the past is of course the Boots Botanics range. Often on special offer, there have been more hits than misses for me with this selection of products, hence my willingness to invest in the brand and try other products from the range. The hot cloth cleanser was one such pick up; I would highly recommend this as a daily cleanser which I actually used in the morning as well to prep my face for makeup. It comes as a waxy block from which you scoop out a small amount and gently warm into the face. It's quite oily but comes off beautifully with a hot muslin cloth (included) and smells delicious; it contains rosehip and has a slightly 'sunbaked country garden' scent to it. The pot looks tiny but a small amount goes miles and this has lasted me around 6 months; which for the £8.99 price tag is a worthy investment, and you can pick it up here.

Also from Botanics is this brightening eye roll-on which contains hibiscus. Now, anything that can help soothe my eye bags is a winner, and I do think this helped to de-puff tired eyes. It's almost used up now and I would say that as the product has lessened, so the roller ball tip has moved less freely and dragged and pulled on my skin, so I won't be able to completely finish the product because of this. I think I will rebuy an eye 'cream' next rather than this liquid/gel as I feel they tend to work better for me but as a pick-me-up for tired eyes this does work well. Buy here.

Since my fragrance empties post here, I haven't invested in any new perfumes but have been revisiting some old favourites. Using this Givenchy 'Play' as my everyday scent has been lovely; though quite heady, it stays put all day and always gets compliments. I found this too much when I first got it, but have learned to absolutely love it over time and the floral woody amber combination has become a favourite. Sadly I have too many fragrances to get through to warrant buying another but it's on the back burner for Christmas, perhaps, along with YSL Elle, which is of a similar intensity to this one. You can buy this here.

I posted about the lovely products from Zuzka Botanicals back in February and I've now sadly used up my favourite of the two products I was sent, the rose petal facial spritz. This is such a gorgeous product and not only smelled wonderful, but made my skin look amazing too. I am enjoying using the cleansing product but this was such a nice 'bolt on' to my evening skincare routine and I will probably repurchase it! Shop it for yourself here.

A couple of hair products too, this month I've used up the Bleach London rose conditioner (and almost the shampoo too!) which I was loving as a gentle toner to take the brassiness out of my blonde ombre, and this rebalancing shampoo from Biorganics was a tester. I can't quite remember where I got it from but I really liked the fragrance, which is organic lavender and chamomile. I might re-buy the full size as I did feel it made my hair feel soft and manageable without stripping out too much of the natural oil, which some shampoos can do! You can buy the bleach conditioner here and the Biorganics here.

Finally, I finished up this small No. 7 Beautiful Skin eye makeup remover this month too. I liked that this was a very effective product; soak a cotton pad and swipe over the eye, and all makeup is removed, no mess or fuss. However, it is quite an oily consistency, which I found quite difficult to remove even with a cleanser. A nice product, but perhaps not one I'd rebuy, although it is available from Boots here.

XO Amie

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Vintage shopping and blogging friends

Vintage bag, jumper and Tootal scarf from Kinky Melons Retro Boutique

Having a rare Saturday off work meant that I was able to do today what most folk do on a weekend: take full advantage of the plethora of 'things to do' in the city that I would miss out on during my days off in the week. This Saturday, I was up bright and early (despite a late night; Adrian and I went to watch the Elliott Smith film 'Heaven Adores You' which is a must see if you can catch it; amazing) and off to a local hall for the Bristol Vintage Market.

My main reason for attendance was to meet an online friend who is also an established Vintage trader, the gorgeous Vix from Vintage Vixen who trades Kinky Melon's Retro Boutique with her very dapper partner Jon. Now, I've known Vix almost as long as I've been blogging; hers was one of the first blogs I followed and I loved her thrifty ways and capabilities to turn the most everyday of items (curtains, shower curtains, towels, you name it) into incredible handmade garments that she wears with total panache. 

Style wise we are quite different; I wear a lot of grannyish beige and Vix is never seen in less than the brightest neons, incredible fabrics and gorgeous prints. We do have many other things in common, though; a love of vintage, being veggies and wearing our hair long are just a few of them! Vix and I have chatted online in many ways over the years and exchanged post too (just like the old days!) but I'd never had the chance to meet her in the flesh!

Until today! It was so, so lovely to meet her and I knew immediately she was exactly how I imagined she would be. She is incredibly beautiful; the passion for what she does as a vintage trader is so apparent and she has a wonderful aura about her. We chatted away for ages in between me rinsing the stock from her stall, and coming away with some amazing pieces (all beige and brown, of course!) including the nattiest little jumper, increds leather bag (which turns into a backpack, which is exactly what I was after) and this gent's Tootal scarf which I could not resist. It will look wicked with my trench coat!

Blogging's a funny old world; you can get very swept up in making sure your stats are as good as they can be, your follower count is all-important, and you post, post, post, great content, every day. I can often forget that this was a hobby, especially on the days that it begins to feel like a chore. And then I look at the friendship group that I have forged from this hobby, the people I've been lucky enough to meet because I have this piece of the internet, and I remember that all that stuff doesn't really matter. I know Vix and I will always be friends, and I would never have got the chance to meet her without my blog!

She and Jon are trading in London tomorrow (details here) so if you are in the area, go down and say hello! You won't miss them-they are by far the most glamorous couple on the scene. If you aren't in London, definitely check out her blog here and you can also keep up to date with where she will be trading next on the Kinky Melon Facebook Page here.

XO Amie

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Santorini vibes

tee, jeans, shoes and bag c/o White Stuff shop here with 20% off!

After what seems like a few years of whinging about the weather, the sun has finally come out again, and what better way to enjoy it than in a brand new outfit? The lovely people at White Stuff very kindly sent me a few pieces to style and I couldn't wait to be able to prance round feeling all summery in the tonal colours and prints!

As you'll know if you are a regular reader, I don't really ever wear much colour. But this doesn't stop me getting my summery fix; as denim gets paler and sleeves get shorter I am also more inclined to invest in a print or two, to add a little interest to my day to day looks. To wit, this increds slouchy 'Fusion' tee ticks all the boxes. I absolutely love the fit, which is integral to me when it comes to tops; I hate anything too fussy or fitted so this boxy, insouciant, bat-winged beauty is a top of dreams. Made of a linen mix, it also comes in a stripe print here, or this eyecatching ikat here

Ecru jeans have been on my radar for a little while, and since Alexa was snapped in them at a Vogue event, well, I've definitely been thinking that they are the shade of denim most lacking in my wardrobe. These ones are the 'Southern Ocean' crops, (shop here) which are a style that comes in a plethora of gorgeous summery shades as well as the classic denim washes. They are a slimmish, straightish leg, slightly neater than the girlfriend jeans I've been rocking of late but overall a cracking fit. I rolled them down to make them more of an ankle basher than a crop, I'm not very tall and these just sit at the ankle bone when I do that, but they would also look lovely rolled especially for a paddle in the sea!

South of my ankles, these beautiful leather block heeled sandals are distinctly my style with their simple straps and low, stacked heel. They have a real vintage feel and will be the perfect 'everyday' shoes for the summer, perfect to wear with jeans or skirts, and you can shop them here. I think that, for me at least, choosing accessories in neutral tones is a great way to invest in them; since that way they'll work with everything I already own. In the same way, I also love the taupe-grey colourway of this beautiful 'Naomi' handbag, with the contrasting chocolate leather strap giving this piece real timeless appeal. The leather is super soft and the lining features a pretty allover print. It also zips up and has a strap closure, too, which is really handy and keeps all your essentials secure. Click here to buy.

White Stuff are currently hosting their Summer shopping party, offering 20% off their entire collection instore and online, but ONLY for two days; 13th-14th May. If you'd like to buy any of the pieces I have styled, or fancy taking a look at the full collection, click here to visit the website!

XO Amie