Saturday, 20 December 2014

Spotlight on: Signature Fragrances

Signature Fragrances in Lola and Endure c/o Signature Fragrances

One of the most exciting things about the blogging world is that I seem to discover new products and businesses all the time either via brands that take the time out to contact me directly, or through other blogs and bloggers tweeting or posting about their latest discovery. This is a fantastic by product of blogging and it is lovely to find smaller, more boutique brands that can offer me something a little different from what's on the high street. 

A recent new find is the perfumery brand 'Signature Fragrances.' A perfume house with a difference, Signature Fragrances ethos harks back to the world of perfumeries past; a time when scents were beguiling, with an immediate impact and lasting longevity. Their selling point is that they provide predominantly perfume oils, moving away from the watered down eau de toilette towards a more pure perfume. These heady, intense scents leave a lingering fragrance and really do last all day.

Signature Fragrances stock a wide range of different scents on their website and they were kind enough to send me a couple to sample. I was sent 'Lola' and 'Endure'. The Endure scent is a rich, sultry fragrance which, while intense, isn't at all cloying, so there's no chance of feeling overpowered or heavy headed when wearing it; it can even be applied before sleep to allow the mind to relax. It contains notes of blackcurrant, parma violet, rose and jasmine, and is just lovely; it would be an easy evening fragrance and sits within the floral range of scents.

Lola is also a gorgeous scent but slightly fresher than Endure; it belongs within the sweet scent range and also contains notes of jasmine, patchouli and African orange flower. This is the type of scent that could be worn everyday; it's an easy wear that isn't too heady or sickly. It is a contemporary scent that is so unusual and unique; and it refuses to dissipate like many perfumes do, after a short time. 

Both these fragrances were beautiful in their own way. The silky oil disappears into the skin and really lets the fragrance release. Because the perfume is oil based, a small amount goes a long way; with no need to keep re-applying, which means that the fragrances last; both on our skin and in the bottle!

Prices start from £37, and you can shop online at Signature Fragrances London.

XO Amie

Friday, 19 December 2014


Wearing Whistles coat Mango shirt Gap jeans ASOS hat boots c/o Duo Boots

This is a really easy, everyday look that I wear a lot; or, at least, a variation on this! I think I could call it my 'signature style' although I'm not sure if that makes it a little boring, but basically, give me a skinny black jean, a shirt or something which has a collar, and a pair of great ankle boots, and I have the foundations for a great look, or at least one that I love. 

Of course in the winter months I need to wear more than just a shirt so I have reached for this Whistles parka which I have been wearing loads; I initially bought it for the lining (see here) but in terms of it being a practical winter coat which still has an edge of cool to it, it's perfect. Very warm!

These boots were very kindly gifted to me by Duo Boots at an event I attended a couple of months ago, and I absolutely love them. I was tempted to get a heeled pair, but in terms of the ideal winter boot, these are much more useful for everyday. These ones still have a little heel and are so comfortable, and perfect with my favourite jeans.

XO Amie

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Urban Outfitters Sale Haul

Urban Outfitters Sales Haul

I had meant to post these pictures a little while ago but I just hadn't got around to it; I scored some amazing bargains in the Urban Outfitters end of season sale about a month or so back and I wanted to post them on here in case anyone was inspired to pick up a few things themselves! Unfortunately most of what I got is now sold out, however I did see a few pieces still remaining in the sale section of my local store recently so it is definitely worth checking yours out too!

I have a real love/hate with UO. I really like some of their 'in house' brands, such as Cooperative, which is very much my style; a little Parisienne, a little granny chic, plain and simple pieces with a touch of quirk. I really don't like the piles upon piles of 'hipster' clothing which makes the store feel a little intimidating at times, and what I dislike most of all are the prices. The clothes are really expensive, and in particular the 'vintage' stuff which has just been cherrypicked from a warehouse somewhere, I'm sure and priced up to suit OU's core customer. Maybe because I am a charity shopper, I find it hard to stump up the prices for these so-called 'vintage' pieces.

However, what I will say about OU is that their sales are good. Really good. Worth waiting for, especially if you like the products and not the prices. Most of what I picked up in the sale was under £15 and the original prices were much more. It wasn't the most wintery selection, but I did get a couple of pretty dresses, a co-ord set, two jumpers, a shirt and also some really lovely navy culottes. I also picked up these suede loafers for just £10 too! I'm looking forward to the sales after Christmas!

XO Amie

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Products I've used up #9

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish // Nivea Q10 Eye // No.7 Hot Cloth Cleanser // No.7 Protect and Perfect Night cream

This 'empties' post features a couple of familiar products that you might have seen me talking about if you are a regular reader. Namely, the No.7 Beautiful Skin hot cloth cleanser which I have included in an empties before. I had this smaller sized version in a gift set and, well, I got through it pretty quickly, as I really noticed a difference in how clean my skin felt when I was using it. I haven't repurchased yet as I had a Botanics one to use in the meantime, so I'll have to report back on how it fares!

I'm pretty sure I've also posted about the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish before too; basically, this is the amped up version of the No.7 one, the original and best, really. The No.7 one is very good but in direct comparison I did prefer the Liz Earle; the scent and texture were both better in my opinion and though I did enjoy using the No.7 one, if I had to pick, it would be the Liz Earle. If your budget can't meet this, though, the No.7 is a great dupe, and at around £9, it's a lot more affordable.

Another product from No.7 which I really enjoyed using was this Protect & Perfect night cream. I really like this range, it isn't inexpensive by any stretch but it does really work. This left my skin smooth and hydrated; I prefer it to the day cream version which feels much greasier, on my skin anyway.

Something I probably won't re-buy is this Nivea Q10 Eye Cream. I liked it, but I wasn't overly impressed by it; I bought it on offer and I didn't feel it really lived up to its claim of minimising under eye circles, nor reducing wrinkle appearance, at least, not when compared to my favoured Botanics one which I mentioned here, and have since re-purchased. 

Finally, something for my hair; this Shine & Fragrance Mist by James Brown London. I wouldn't normally buy this sort of a product, a perfume for your hair, but I have a feeling this was really cheap in the clearance section of Boots so I picked it up to try. It was ok; sort of like a dry shampoo without the dry shampoo effect, meant really as a finishing spray but I just found it to be underwhelming; I wouldn't particularly buy it again and I wasn't all that fussed with the scent either!

XO Amie

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Instagram Week #50

Outfit details // Jewellery // Archive // Beauty essentials // Outfit // Topshop coat // Details // Tan // Morning sky

A couple of outfit posts up on the blog this week, including yesterdays post which was a throwback to 2010! Look how short my hair is, especially compared to how it is now! I definitely think I suit long hair better and after considering growing out my fringe I think I actually really like it, so I am going to keep it a little shorter than it has been as well; not a micro fringe but definitely shorter than the eyelash skimmer it has been!

A bit of beauty as well over on my Instagram and will be on the blog over the next couple of weeks. I photographed another empties post today and really should have included this Aveeno hand cream as it's now pretty much gone. I really liked this one, despite not liking the smell at all to start with, it is a really good one and absorbs really quickly, which I like. I've recently changed my handbag over from a massive one to a smaller one, and as such I have had to ditch my mega makeup bag. This streamlined edit, including a handcream, rollerball perfume, lipliner (or lipstick, whatever I'm using that day) and wonderbalm is a really good selection and usually all I need.  I was also kindly sent this self tanning mousse by Madame La La, I don't usually have great success with fake tan but I am going to try this out because it claims to adapt to your natural skin tone which cuts out the orange effect! I'll be reviewing it so I will blog about how I get on!

XO Amie

Monday, 15 December 2014

Archive #4

Pictures from Autumn 2010

I haven't posted any archive images since October so I thought I would do so this evening. I found this little set of pictures which were from the end of 2010; around Autumn time I believe due to the fact that I am wearing a cardigan and wool trousers, but also ballet flats!

I took these pictures myself with a point and shoot camera on timer propped up against Adrians dining table. Before we properly lived together Adrian lived with two other chaps, in a rambling three story maisonette in our hometown. I eventually pretty much moved in there as it was almost across the road from where I worked at the time; so convenient! The guys he lived with were (still are!) wicked and it was a really cool house to hang out at with people always coming and going and the kettle always on. 

When we decided to move to Bristol it was hard to leave friends behind (though thankfully most of them have now also made the move!) but I will always associate this house with happiness and fun, laughter and good times. There were also some not as good, including the landlords son who lived across the hall and let his dogs poop in the lobby, and almost getting evicted in the first week after a housewarming party went a little awry. On the whole, though, it was fabulous and I'll always think of it fondly.

Again, you'll see how little my style has changed over the years; here I am rocking a granny trouser and a ballet flat (standard) and the trusty charity shop cardi which still features in my daily edit come wintertime. I am wearing a charity shopped vintage watch that I still have, and a ring that Adrian bought me on my 26th birthday and which features in pretty much every outfit post on the blog. The big change I suppose is my hair; I was right in the middle of growing out my hated mullet cut here and it had clearly got to the awkward shoulder length. I definitely prefer how it looks now!

XO Amie

Sunday, 14 December 2014


Wearing: Whistles jumper River Island collar (here) Gap skirt Urban Outfitters shoes

I love, love, love the look of a collar under a jumper; or over one, for that matter, I used to love rocking a plain white tee with an embellished collar over it in the summer time. Must be the Alexa effect again, although I'm not solely going to credit her for it because I have always loved a decent collar. Anyway, whilst loving the collars I don't so much love the bulk a shirt can add, particularly in the sleeves, which was why I snapped up this River Island collar as soon as I saw it. It's basically the neck part of a shirt which you can just put under any highish necked jumpers to make them look as if you have a shirt on underneath, but without the extra fabric. Perfect collar cool!

I have been wearing this Gap skirt a lot after finding it in the back of my wardrobe. It's quite thick enough for winter and such a good cut; it isn't too skatery and sits quite high on the waist. I am hoping to wear it maybe for Christmas with a festive jumper as it is very comfy. Speaking of which, this jumper though. I bought it at the start of the summer in the sales and I knew it would be an investment as it is cashmere, I wasn't completely sold on the colour initially but now I really like it; it definitely gets me out of my need to wear black all the time and it's so warm! Look, no coat!

Finally, my new brogues (well, not that new!) I bought a load of stuff in the Urban Outfitters sale and I have been meaning to write a haul post but haven't got around to it; anyway, these were a tenner so I had to pick them up. They are so soft and comfy and, of course, my classic fave style of shoe. The gold plating on the laces adds a point of difference and they go with everything, so they have found a new home in my shoedrobe!

XO Amie