Sunday, 21 September 2014

Perfect Pieces from River Island

Perfect Pieces from River Island

All items via River Island

I've just had a major clear out of my wardrobe after a summer of wearing pretty much the same thing on repeat. I feel like I've got so much, it's hard to see the wood for the trees; things I've kept and thought I'd wear again, things I bought but never got round to wearing; it's important to keep on top of your wardrobe and actually make it work for you; after all, that's your money hanging there!

With this in mind, a good sort out enabled me to see what I didn't actually have, and the things I actually needed, rather than buying things 'on repeat' as I seem to end up doing. It's important to have multitasking, hardworking elements in your wardrobe, and River Island have also cottoned on to this!

Their 'perfect pieces' edit contains all the essential cornerstones of your wardrobe; from the white shirt to the classic black peg trousers and casual blazer. But in amongst these are the more fun elements that you can seamlessly add in to those classics to elevate the more everyday items. From the boxy, chain handled bag to the gorgeous rose gold leather mini, the printed trousers and the insouciant tee, these are cute, wearable and purse friendly pieces that will make AW dressing that much more enjoyable.

XO Amie

Friday, 19 September 2014

Marks & Spencer Makeup Review

marks and spencer holly sharpe lipstick pink orange contour brush blusher eyeshadow sable taupe rose
marks and spencer holly sharpe lipstick pink orange eyeshadow sable taupe
marks and spencer holly sharpe lipstick pink orange blusher
marks and spencer holly sharpe lipstick pink orange
marks and spencer holly sharpe lipstick pink orange

Limited Collection Makeup range by Marks & Spencer

I have to admit, M&S is hardly the first place I'd think of when wanting to update my makeup collection. When I was browsing in my local store a couple of weeks ago, I spotted a few beauty pieces in the sale so I thought I'd take a look; ever a sucker for a bargain and also because I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to try some of their range. 

I was quickly drawn to the Limited Edition range which was all as cheap as chips in the sale, and, whilst some of it is quite seasonal (don't know if I can wear an orange lip in the winter?!) for the price I thought it would be worth picking up. I love the illustrated packaging and the bright colours; the range was designed by Holly Sharpe, an illustrator and designer, and the overall look is really lovely, the style of the packaging working well with the different products.

The eyeshadows are great, I picked up these colours because they are the ones I wear the most often and I knew I would use them, they were just £1 each and totally worth it! I love the fact that they are quite matte colours and blend out really easily. The lipsticks I think were £2 each, again, I do like to wear a bright lip and although I usually favour red I thought it might be nice to try a hot pink or bright orange for a change. The angled contour brush was also a complete bargain, I think this was £3 or so but this was one brush I was missing from my kit so I was pleased to find this.

The most expensive item was the blusher at £4. I wasn't sure about the colour initially but it blends down to a much more subtle wash of colour than the pan suggests, it's so pretty though it seems a shame to use it! I think this will be really good for the winter months and the gold tone is warming and serves as a highlight also.

I would definitely recommend the M&S makeup range; even full price these products ranged from £5-£9 so they were still purse friendly; it might be worth checking your local branch to see if they have any bits and pieces left!

XO Amie

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Harvey Nichols AW14

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Harvey Nichols AW14 presentation, held in Bristol Cathedral. I've been to a few of the HN shows and they just get better and better, from venue to styling, this one was definitely one of the best I've seen!

The themes of the show encompassed everything from tonal dressing to formal evening wear, I had a great seat so I was able to take lots of pictures of my favourite looks. I particularly liked the swooshy jumpsuit/duster coat combo and of course the party dresses were incredible as always. 

Menswear was also showcased alongside the womens clothing but the womenswear was outstanding, I loved the tonal grey on grey dressing, the clean cuts and the folded fabrics. Texture was a key theme too with lace, satin, plisse pleats and leathers all making a debut. I am quite colour shy so head to toe bright red was a strong look, but perhaps I won't be trying it; although the googly eyed shoes showcased in that particular look were incredible!

All the pieces shown in my photographs are available to buy on the Harvey Nichols website here.

Thank you Harvey Nichols for a lovely evening!

XO Amie

Monday, 15 September 2014

Instagram Week #37

Sunset // Chanels // Stylist // OOTD // St George's // Roses // New book // Birthday presents // Selfie

Only one pair of shoes on the Insta roundup this week and they were on my feet at the time! I posted an outfit post featuring them matching to a khaki Topshop duster coat which I really love and is the perfect throwover for this time of year. 

I've got a lot of new things to read this week, with some books from my birthday and also the September issues of Elle and Vogue to get stuck in to, I really didn't need this huge copy of Stylist but wasn't going to say no! It's such a great free magazine but I always seem to miss it, luckily they had someone handing copies out on my walk to work so I managed to get one.

Adrian and I went to watch James Rhodes on Friday night at St. Georges which is a lovely venue just off Park Street. It was amazing, google him if you don't know what he's about because he is really talented and very different from the usual expectation of a classical pianist.

XO Amie

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Heels Vs Flats with Westfield

betty london gold heel mary janes
pastelle ballerinas
ballerina shoes, whistles, chanel

Shopping mecca Westfield got in touch recently to share their new AW14 fashion campaign, which features several themed videos around fashions 'talking points.' One of these points was the ongoing debate of 'heels vs. flats.'

I am such a flat shoe girl at heart and although I love to wear heels occasionally, a flat is where it's at for me most of the time. Searching through my outfit posts it became really evident that most of what I have worn over the last 5 years have included flat shoes, I love them all; loafers, brogues, chelsea boots, slipper shoes, and, of course, the humble ballerina flat.

I think flats would win the debate for me although I do appreciate the perks of a good high heel! Leg lengthening and making me taller are two things I always like!

You can see all of the other 'talking points' and watch all the videos (they're really good!) over on Westfield Pulse.

XO Amie

Friday, 12 September 2014

Orla Kiely x Clarks

All shoes Orla Kiely x Clarks

I wrote about a Clarks x Orla Kiely collab earlier in the year here and I absolutely loved the collection even though I didn't buy from it in the end; I just felt the sandals and wedges on offer weren't styles that I needed in my wardrobe at that time, despite their obvious beauty!

Fast forward to the new season and Orla and Clarks have done it again, and this time I don't know if I can resist. I've picked a small edit of the collection to share on my blog and my favourite pieces of course include the chelsea boots and loafers;  classics that I wear year round but perfect for the coming season in their glorious autumnal hues.

Orla says about the collaboration:

'When Clarks came to us, we knew we wanted to be true to ourselves.
We have the same philosophies – style, comfort, quality design and British.
We loved the idea of working with a company who could realise our vision with very wearable shoes' 

Each of the shoes has a playful, contemporary feature that belies its heritage design and background; be it a strip of covered buttons on a loafer, an oversized buckle on a mary jane, or a smooth leather toe cap on a ponyskin chelsea boot. Each of the styles is beautifully crafted and made to slot in to your everyday shoe wardrobe. Orla goes on to comment on the collection:

'One comment people keep making to me is, these are shoes you think about and dream about, but you can't find them in the stores until now!'

And it's true! This well thought out, capsule collection provides the mainstay of any discerning autumn to winter shoedrobe and beyond. I can't wait to invest.

Prices from £110. For more info and to shop visit

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Duster Coat

topshop duster coat whistles jeans louis vuitton bag chanel shoes
topshop duster coat whistles jeans louis vuitton bag chanel shoes
topshop duster coat whistles jeans louis vuitton bag chanel shoes
topshop duster coat whistles jeans louis vuitton bag chanel shoes
topshop duster coat whistles jeans louis vuitton bag chanel shoes
topshop duster coat whistles jeans louis vuitton bag chanel shoes
topshop duster coat whistles jeans louis vuitton bag chanel shoes
topshop duster coat whistles jeans louis vuitton bag chanel shoes
topshop duster coat whistles jeans louis vuitton bag chanel shoes
topshop duster coat whistles jeans louis vuitton bag chanel shoes blogger fashion
topshop duster coat whistles jeans louis vuitton bag chanel shoes
chanel shoes

Wearing Chanel shoes Whistles jeans Topshop duster coat Louis Vuitton bag

This outfit has become a new favourite and whilst it's unlike me to wear colour, this khaki green is just lovely. I hadn't meant to match my jacket to my shoes but it's quite a cool combo I think. I don't know why but I've just started to really like the simplicity of jeans and a boyfriend tee; I can't remember where this slouchy grey one is from but I am pretty sure I bought it to wear to do exercise in so how its ended up in my everyday wardrobe I'm not sure, but I am loving it!

Similarly I don't wear branded designer labels often but when I go for it, I like to pile them on. Why not! A bit ostentatious but these Chanel ballerinas are too lovely not to wear all the time (got them from eBay) and the LV bag is a charity shop find so I can give my leather backpack a break for a minute!

I chopped the hems off these Whistles jeans to make them a better length and they have majorly frayed but I actually quite like that. It adds a little more texture to a look which I love. I also adore the detail on this duster jacket I picked up in Toppers for £15. It's an ideal weight for this time of year as it's been surprisingly hot so there's no need for knitwear just yet, and this is perfect. It is linen though, which is why after 2 minutes of wear it looks as if it's been balled up in a bag for about a week, but it's pretty enough to be worth the extra care!

XO Amie