Friday, 21 November 2014

Current Favourites

Tins of candles // Moschino phone case // Faux fur hat and scarf // Rainbow Club shoes

Since I'd not written a 'favourites' post since July, I thought it would be worth doing a more current one! I really enjoy them because they are one of the favourited posts for me to read on other blogs; I've found so many great beauty products and useful items through others' 'Favourites' posts, so I hope I will inspire with mine!

Of course at the moment it is most definitely Autumnal, and I love the cosy feeling that scented candles can bring to a room, especially when it is dull and dreary outside. I have particularly been loving tinned candles, mainly because they don't soot when extinguished! You just clip the lid of the tins back on and it stops any smokiness. These ones were gifts but they can easily be found all over the high street, from Wilko to TK Maxx which is a great place to find ones with pretty printed tins.

Something I've just started to use fairly recently is an iPhone, and I love all the different cases that you can get to go with them! I got this one from eBay and the fact that it is like a tiny handbag is the best thing ever! It's so funny but I love the look and style of it!

Of course, it's getting a lot colder just lately and novelty faux fur seems to be all the rage! I actually bought this set at the end of winter last year, but put it away to wear now and I am glad I did. I love the print on this and both pieces are practical as well as fashionable!

Finally, I had to include my beautiful Rainbow Club shoes which I was gifted after the shoe event I attended a couple of weeks ago (post here.) I love the colour of these, a really soft, pale grey, and the clean, simple style of these pumps is just so pretty. 

XO Amie

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Glam Evening Out with Debenhams

Glam Evening Out with Debenhams

I posted a really fun, Christmas 'Night Out' look last week and I wanted to continue the theme but on a more glamorous note! If a little playsuit and heels isn't dressy enough for the party you're attending, how about channelling a more cocktail appropriate look with all these gorgeous pieces from Debenhams?

I am really into jumpsuits at the moment and I think they make such a chic alternative to the typical 'cocktail dress' look which is a failsafe for many women. I think this Coast option is perfect for evening, with the mesh insert panels to show a bit of skin and the sleek and elegant shape. The belted waist gives a great fit and the slouchy cigarette pants lend it a very flattering fit.

I am all about texture and I comment regularly on the blog that I love to mix textures in my looks. Christmas is undeniably all about sequins and sparkle, but you can totally dip into the festive feel without going OTT on the spangle! Even though this outfit is all black, the subtle hints of gold on the shoes and jewellery, and the gorgeous textures, the faux fur and feather bag add another dimension to a really classy and elegant outfit.

The beauty of this look is that the pieces can all be worn outside of a specific Christmas look. The coat will work just as well with skinnies and a cute knit for day, whilst the heels would elevate any look to the realms of super glam! The earrings are very sweet and don't look too festive so would be suitable to wear all year round.

I love this look and would wear it to any party,I think the jumpsuit would also look amazing with pointed flats and a thin roll neck jumper underneath it to transition it nicely into very chic daywear.

XO Amie

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A Blogger's Guide #1

I wanted to start a new series here on the blog, called 'A Blogger's Guide.' I have been blogging for almost 6 years now, and whilst I am no expert on blogging, I have certainly learned a few tips along the way that I thought it might be nice to share through this series.

I am starting at the beginning: How to start your blog.

I often get emails asking about the inspiration behind my blog, what motivated me to get started and why I decided to write a daily fashion blog. I honestly love to write; I get so much enjoyment from putting my thoughts and ideas into text and I also know what I like and what I don't. I've always had an interest in fashion and specifically, thrifting and finding charity shop bargains. I have also a lot of enthusiasm for taking pictures and my photography has definitely improved over the years, but I'll save that for another post!

Starting your own blog should be exciting. You should look forward to making a portfolio of posts that you'll be proud of, and the best way to start is to jump right in! I started on the Blogger platform, though there are several others and any internet search will help to isolate possible alternatives. I am a bit of a technophobe, and as such I found that Blogger was the simplest in terms of physically setting up the blog for it to look the way I wanted to, and to actually upload content. As time went on I used the Blogger app to blog remotely and I will again touch on this in an upcoming post.

The best advice that I can give any would-be blogger is to just get started. Have a think about what you would like your blog to be about, and how you can articulate your thoughts and ideas in a cohesive and interesting way. A title is a major element; think about what your blog name will tell people about what you are trying to get across. I have always used 'Credit Crunch Chic' as my blog url but back in the very beginning, the title of my blog was 'She Wore WHAT?!' This was a throwback to things my friends would say to each other about what I'd worn over the week; I used to favour some crazy looks back in the early 2000's! 

I ended up streamlining the blog title to become 'Credit Crunch Chic' to bring it back in alignment with the url. This was because I wanted to clean up the blog a little and make it less confusing, but also because I felt the crux of the message that I was trying to get across, back in the early days and also still today, was that you don't have to spend a fortune to look amazing, and that you can still pull together some fabulous looks on a budget.

This hasn't always worked to my favour, although it has given my blog more of an identity. Brands have occasionally been disinclined to work with me by not wanting to associate with a title such as mine; however I've also secured campaigns with amazing brands who love the notion behind what my blog is about and want to work with me.

Blogging should be fun and inspiring, and the best way to get involved in the blogosphere is just to begin. Put some thoughts down on paper and then get stuck in; make the most of the platform that you choose to use and enjoy it! 

XO Amie

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Monk Shoes

topshop monk shoes asos leopard coat gap skinny jeans
topshop monk shoes asos leopard coat gap skinny jeans
topshop monk shoes asos leopard coat gap skinny jeans
topshop monk shoes asos leopard coat gap skinny jeans
leopard print coat gap black skinny jeans
black skinny jeans topshop monk shoes leopard print coat
Topshop Konk Monk Shoes

Wearing: ASOS coat Mango blouse Gap jeans Topshop monk shoes

I definitely don't need another pair of flat shoes; I have several in all incarnations ranging from brogues to loafers via many, many pairs of ballet flats. However, a pair that was missing from the collection was a monk shoe, so of course when I saw these Topshop beauties I had to get them!

They have become a bit of a shoe du jour, lately, the monk shoe, and I keep seeing them on varying blogs but actually struggled to find some that I liked. I initially ordered a pair from ASOS but they were a bit more pointed than I had wanted so I returned them. I had seen that Topshop had a fairly cheap pair on their website (here) but I prefer leather shoes where possible so I paid the extra and got these, which I think are sold out at the moment. I also really liked the different textures, the shiny toecap and the mock croc uppers. They are so comfy, if a little wider than I would have liked, but I'll be wearing these with socks and skinny jeans; it's too cold for bare ankles now!

Whilst in Topshop I also picked up a new pair of black skinny jeans as these Gap ones have definitely had their day. I had been looking for this particular style called 'Binx' which I had spotted in a store I hardly ever go to, but didn't buy at the time, and then couldn't seem to get online. As chance would have it there was one pair left in my local store, in my size! I'm sure I'll post them soon, they are just simple black skinnies with raw hems and aren't too legging-y which I don't like skinny jeans to be!

I think these shoes will also look nice with skirts and dresses, maybe a nice jumper dress for a casual daytime look. I know I will get a lot of wear out of them!

XO Amie

Monday, 17 November 2014

Instagram Week #46

Weston // Haircare // Spartoo // SWBSwap // Fluffy shoes // Beauty High 5 // New products // Book // Nails

There's a very heavy beauty lean on this weeks' Instagram post! I've really switched up my makeup after sorting out my AW wardrobe, the makeup has to follow suit. Also I am watching a LOT of RuPauls Drag Race at the moment because it's on Netflix and those Queens are making me raise my beauty game!

I've written a couple of posts about some of the newer beauty bits I've got, such as my High 5 beauty products for AW here and my haircare routine featuring this Bleach London shampoo here. I am really excited to try out the glitter nail polishes I recently picked up from Boots although glitter polish is SUCH a faff to remove!

I've also written a couple of fashion driven posts this week like the round up of the Blogger's swap meet I attended (here) and my feature on Spartoo (here) so check them out if you'd like!

XO Amie

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Autumn Beauty High 5

Recently my Instagram has become somewhat of an extension of my face in terms of the amount of makeup I've been putting on there! I have switched up my makeup for the season and in so doing, I've added a few new items to my kit that I've not used before but are fast becoming integral to my AW face. I thought I'd put together a post of the top 5 items to cater for your whole makeup from base to nails.

BASE: Max Factor Skin Illuminizer in 40 Light Ivory Starting with the foundation, I picked up this Max Factor foundation from Tesco of all places, where it was on clearance for £4.99. This is still in Boots at £11.99 so I don't know whether Tesco are just discontinuing Max Factor or if they just had a sale on the range but I've used a MF foundation before and loved it, so I thought I'd pick this one up. I have hardly used the Seventeen one I bought (gutted) because I just don't get on with it so hopefully this one will be better. 

FACE: Sleek Makeup Blush in 935 Flushed I recently blogged a new blusher I'd got here and whilst it is perfect for day, I wanted something a little more punchy for evening. This blush by Sleek is just lovely; quite a dark, reddy toned shade but easily buildable to a strong colour or worn as a wash for a more relaxed look.

EYES: Maybelline Colour Tattoo Leather Effect in 98 Creamy Beige I am such a fan of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. I have the 'on and on bronze' colour and it makes up a key component of my day to day face but I wanted something a little softer and with no shimmer to it to wear if I wanted to do a dramatic lip. This one is from the 'leather effect' range and is called 'creamy beige.' I've high hopes for this although a blogger I like very much, Lily Pebbles, gave it a poor review (in a slightly darker shade) and consigned it to her 'disappointing products' so I am hoping it was just down to the colour, and that this one won't be a mega fail!

LIPS: Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencil In 310 Berry Much I've been on the hunt for the perfect berry lip shade, and it was proving impossible to find! I picked up this velvet lip pencil because the colour was just what I was looking for. I would have preferred it to be a matte pencil but it's not overly glossy, and it has got a lot of staying power, so I think I will use it quite regularly as part of a more dressed up makeup look.

NAILS: Max Factor Glossfinity in 155 Burgundy Crush I picked this polish up because it's like no other colours I have; I do wear darker nail shades in the winter and I feel I have been wearing a spectrum of greys, beiges and greiges for ages so it's time to switch it up with this really pretty pinky burgundy colour. I thought it worked really well with the other makeup items I already had so as a complete look, it complimented but wasn't too matchy, and is also very seasonally appropriate!

XO Amie

Saturday, 15 November 2014

#swbswap haul

bloggers swap meet haul post topshop monsoon vintage alice in the eve pull and bear
bloggers swap meet pull and bear vest top vintage dress
bloggers swap meet, topshop top, alice in the eve blouse

Last week, I attended a South West Bloggers swap shop at the Grace Kingsley Academy in Bristol. Held in her pretty salon, a group of girls got together, drunk cocktails and swapped clothes; basically the perfect opportunity to get a new wardrobe for zero pence! Grace was also on hand (excuse the pun) to do nails for a small fee if we wanted, and there were snacks aplenty, perfect accompaniments to a bit of blogger clothes swapping fun! 

On arrival, I saw that there were rails of clothes dotted about the room, with each rail or pile assigned to a different item; for example dresses, skirts, trousers and tops. I set about fitting the items I had brought into their correct categories and then, once everyone had empties their bags and had a drink, we started swapping!

The event had a sort of sample sale feel, with everyone picking up things they liked and nipping off to try bits and pieces on. Everyone had quite different styles so there weren't too many pieces that people were fighting over, which was good! If there was an item that more than one person wanted, it had been decided that a coin would be flipped to decide the new owner! I had a good mooch round and found 4 things that I really liked; a peter pan collar top, a pair of peg trousers, a top from Pull & Bear, and a vintage dress.

It was so much fun seeing the things that people were choosing and it was a lovely, informal way to get to know a few bloggers a little better, whom I hadn't met in person or got to chat to much before. I helped to clear up at the end of the event, and before everyone left, it was decided that if anyone wanted anything from the items that were left over, they could help themselves; I ended up with another blouse, an oversized crop tee, and a little sundress (completely impractical now but I loved the print, so will keep it for next summer!)

The leftover goods were bagged up and were to be donated to charity, so it's great that unwanted blogger goods can then go on to benefit others. I was so pleased with the things I nabbed and I know that several of the things I bought went off to good homes, which is brilliant!

This was such a fun event and I hope South West Bloggers will make it a frequent thing; at least a couple of times a year, maybe summer and winter! It would also make a great event for bloggers in your local area, it's cheap to organise and a fantastic way for new bloggers or those who haven't attended many events, to get involved in a really relaxed way.

XO Amie