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Archive photos from 2011

These pictures are a throwback to Summer '11, actually not all that long ago really but looking back on these pictures, they feel like another lifetime. We had only recently moved to Bristol and I suppose we were still settling in and finding our way about. I remember being so afraid of everything! It was all so different to the small town we had come from, but we soon made it our home.

It is nostalgic looking at these pictures and I feel sad that I never did find a pair of trousers to replace these Zara ones, which were possibly my favourite trousers ever and were consigned to the bin not long after these pictures were taken. I'm actually wearing them again in this archive post. They were a favourite, that's for sure. Likewise, these shoes, which are basically amazing, are still in a bag waiting to be reheeled. STILL. I don't think I should admit to that, as it makes me sound terribly lazy, but seeing how nice they look with these trousers has inspired me to get them mended and then I can wear them again for Spring/Summer '15!

Once again, classic outfit post; blouse, trews and loafers and that natty satchel that I picked up in a chazza in Devon and still have hanging in the wardrobe. Those classics that never date; my favourite things which still make up my favourite looks. Maybe I'll do a 'year in favourite outfits' post where I could include pictures from the blog through the ages; I'd bet that they all feature a combination of trousers, blouses, satchels and loafers. Particularly heeled ones.

XO Amie
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