2014: A Year in Outfits

Outfits of the year 2014

So, last years 'A year in outfits' was really well received and as such I thought it would be fun to repeat the post for 2014! I can't believe how quickly the year has gone by, although looking at the outfits from earlier in the year, it does feel like an awfully long time ago.

I definitely did some fashion sums in the last post, working out the percentages of the items I'd worn the most, et cetera, which seems like an awful lot of hard work that I clearly didn't need to go to the effort of doing, however, in keeping with this rather depressing tradition I can tell you that 70% of my posts this year included some form of headgear, 20% involved my hair as a hat or decoration, and in only 10% was my noggin not covered up. So yet again, accessory of the year goes to the hat! I have definitely favoured my straw hat through the summertime and my beret or some form of beanie over the winter months.

The 'linchpin of my wardrobe' award last year went to a pair of Whistles silk trousers (resplendent here) and I can't actually say I've worn them once this year, strange because I absolutely adore them, it must have been an oversight on my behalf and I am sure they will be dragged out again next year. This years' linchpin was a delayed starter as I only managed to get my hands on them towards the end of the year, but these trousers have definitely earned their keep; I love them!

Favourite shoe? This is a tricky one, and though they have only appeared in a few posts, it would have to be a tie between these Bally brogues, currently in the mending pile as the sole has peeled from the shoe once again, and my absolutely most-worn shoe, these Chanel ballerinas. They are both the most comfortable and cool shoes I own, end of, and I can't wait to wear them more in 2015!

I have definitely been all about the trousers this year as well, I only managed to get one post in where I'm wearing a dress, which is Junes tee shirt dress effort. I did wear more than one dress during the summer but that one was a particular favourite; that and the Chanel ballerinas definitely became a go-to outfit for lazy summer dressing.

My favourite aspect of these posts is that I look at any particular image, and I still do this from my 2013 post, and think, I'm going to wear that tomorrow. The essence of my style has definitely found it's niche, especially over the past couple of years; if I look back to, say, 2011, there are a lot less of the outfits I wore then that I'd reach for now, but the ones I would, have all the elements of my everyday looks; a skinny pant, a striped top, a slouchy knit, a collared shirt. I've built up a great wardrobe of things that work for me, and whilst this definitely doesn't make me the most stylish blogger, it makes me happy with what I see and it definitely makes getting dressed fun and hassle free. And who doesn't love that!

Thank you all, so much for the continued support of Credit Crunch Chic through 2014. I've had a great year with the blog and I hope it will be just as successful next year. Here's to a fashionable 2015!

XO Amie
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