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Happy New Year!

2014! What a way to see it all in Instagram filtered snippets! Looking at them all together is really cool, it reminds me of all the things I got up to over the year! It feels like an awfully long time ago that I attended the BAFTAs in London, it was an amazing evening, look how close I was to Leo DiCaprio! Probably the nicest thing that came from that event was that Adrian and I met another couple there who have since become our friends; it was a wonderful evening and looking back definitely the fanciest thing I've done this year!

Another great event I attended this year was Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona, You can read my post on it here, it was an incredible music festival and I saw some amazing bands in the Spanish sunshine (it only rained badly once but we were undercover luckily!)

I really feel that the blog content I've posted over 2014 has really branched out from fashion, despite this being my first interest I have also loved posting about beauty and the odd interior post that has crept in, too. I hope that these pieces of content will improve over 2015 and I can make them a more integral part of the makeup (excuse the pun!) of CCC.

I know I've already mentioned this in the fashion hits post below but THANK YOU to everyone who has read the blog, contributed to my pageview count, commented on any of the CCC platforms, or got in touch; I have met some lovely girls and made some great friends through blogging! Also,a big thanks to the brands with whom I've worked. I have had a brilliant blogging year and I hope 2015 will be just as good! 

XO Amie
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