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Wearing: Vintage blouse Vintage jewellery Vintage Bally brogues Whistles jeans H&M bowler hat

No post yesterday because it was my 31st birthday! I spent the day with Adrian and we went for a meal in the evening so I didn't have time to blog! I had a lovely day and I got really spoilt!

Adrian bought me loads of lovely things, one of which I am wearing in this post. The kestrel brooch which is so sweet, I had a similar one with a picture of a dog on it but it got broken, and as Adrian is a huge fan of birds of prey (specifically Kestrels) this is something I not only love but also reminds me of him! I really like jewellery that is a bit different and interesting which is why I usually prefer vintage pieces as they aren't so widely available and are usually a little bit quirky, like this brooch!

I didn't think of it at the time but I am also wearing the ring my parents bought me for my 30th birthday last year in this picture. I do always wear it everyday; it's really beautiful and is, again, an antique piece which makes it all the more special.

 I had actually hoped to wear a dress on my birthday which I probably could have done in the end as it was really warm and muggy, but looked really overcast so I wore my fave go-to outfit of relaxed boyfriend jeans and a blouse, and these Bally brogues which were a gift from a friend. I've had them for absolute years but have only recently dragged them out to wear again. Adrian and I went to the charity shops so I wanted to be comfy as it's quite a walk, but it was worth it as I got an amazing haul of things which I will post on the blog soon!

XO Amie
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