Instagram Week #52

Adrian's art // Boxing Day // New shoes // More new shoes // Nails // Brunch // Reading // Christmas presents from Fashion Union // New coat

I can't believe that I've reached a whole year of Instagram posts! When I started posting my weekly round ups, I had hoped that I would manage to make a whole year out of them, but often wondered if I would actually achieve it, so I am really glad that I've been able to! I'm sorry if this Instagram post is a little close to last weeks, I took a 2 day break from blogging over Christmas so my usual content wasn't posted!

I had an amazing Christmas with Adrian, we both had the same days off so it was really great to spend time with him and just be able to chill and watch TV for a couple of days, and I was really spoilt with some lovely gifts! Adrian got me a camera which I am really excited to use, I am hoping to start a few new content ideas for CCC in 2015 including more photography posts and also possibly some posts about music. Adrian also bought me a kindle which, hilariously, I also bought for him! My brothers gave me an e-reader too so I have two to choose from, with loads of books on both of them! I had to share this fabulous drawing that Adrian did of Poppy, his parents dog. He is super talented and in the process of revising his website which I will link when it's done; if anyone wants pet portraits for 2015 let him know!

I was lucky enough to be gifted these incredible brogues from Fashion Union which I have styled and will be posting soon! You can buy them here in the meantime if you would like to! I love the colour and the clumpy style! I also got new slippers for Christmas, I love these and when I haven't been wearing the brogues, these have been on my feet!

Finally, I had to hit the sales even if it wasn't a big spend; I haven't been paid yet and spent all my money at Christmas, however I had a pair of jeans to return to Topshop and in so doing I managed to exchange them for this coat, which is equal parts bonkers and fabulous. I've wanted a faux fur for a while and this one reminds me of the ones by the brand Shrimps, which I think are the coolest but could never afford. So Topshop to the rescue!

I think I will be continuing my Instagram round-ups in 2015 as they have become a rather integral part of the weekly content on CCC. I will probably be revising them to fortnightly or 4-weekly, rather than every week, just to make sure they don't feel stale. But before that, I have an Instagram round up of the year to publish, with a selection of my very favourite shots from 2014.

XO Amie
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