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I have a particular affliction for one particular shoe type, and I have to say I do have copious pairs of this type but can never resist adding to my collection: they are, the Granny Shoe.

Yes, they come in a variety of styles but they always come in a rusty brown shade. They are almost always leather, and their heel ranges in height from totally flat to a manageable inch and a half or so. Basically, if they look like an elderly person would rate them, then I want them in my wardrobe.

I spotted this pair in one of my local charity shops and pounced on them immediately. I was thrilled to see they were my size; the pitfall of charity shopping for shoes, unlike clothing, is that you can't really get away with something that's not your size. Many's the time I've tried to squeeze my feet into a shoe that's a size too small, or contemplate bedsocks in a pair that are too big, but, in general with shoe, if they're not my size, I won't buy them-I know they won't be comfortable and I won't wear them.

Having ascertained that these shoes fit, I gawped at the bizarre design in wonderment. Who on earth would make a flat leather shoe such as this, suitable for striding through dew laden grass or piles of autumn leaves, and give it a bloody peep toe? I ask you. Not content with a peep toe alone, the designer of this shoe also decided to cut a great swarthe of leather from the upper, too; leaving this rather unusual sandal/shoe hybrid which I can't decide what to wear with but am ever so slightly obsessed with. Despite their obvious weirdness, I think they are fantastic!

So, as they've become my new obsession it would only be fitting to pair them with two other pieces that I am permo-crushing on; these Whistles silk trousers, bought in a flash sale last year for £20. These are probably my best buy of all time, they're such a classic style and I adore them. The pinstriped detail is very on trend for this season and they're SILK. I love love love silk; no one does silk quite like Whistles (except for two other brands I am obsessed with, Quiksilver Women's and Winter Kate) and these trousers are just perfection. Also I have to throw in a bit of texture, and this jumper from OASAP definitely helps with that!

Finally the headgear obsession rumbles on! Today it's a typical French number, aka this beret I bought from H&M last year!

XO Amie

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