Spring Capsule Wardrobe: New In and Spend

New in to the capsule wardrobe
Boden cashmere cardigan
vintage tee shirt
Levi hems
vintage cream jumper
vintage cream knitted jumper
vintage white shirt
Warehouse suede skirt
Boden black cashmere cardigan
Vintage Levis jeans 501

New in to the capsule wardrobe

So, another season goes by and I'm now into the spring section of my capsule wardrobe. I have to admit I was getting tired of the clothes I had selected for winter and I was really excited to swap some pieces in from my storage and buy some new items.

I was also hoping to spend less than in the last capsule and I think I have achieved this. I'll list each item and the price below, with links to the items if they are still available.

The first thing I wanted were some lighter wash jeans, and I paid through the nose for this pair from Urban Outfitters. Unfortch, months of scouring the chazzers did not pay off, so I did buy this pair for £46 (£46!) from UO. You can get them here.

I also wanted a skirt as I had none that were really suitable to wear with tights, so I found this navy suede one in the sale at Warehouse for £30. I also picked up a vintage leather one (which I blogged about here) I really like the button down detail of this skirt and I think it will be suitable to wear to work as well. 

A white shirt was on my hit list and luckily, the chazzas came up trumps and I found this one for £2, but I also love this one. Likewise, a cream jumper was also a great find for 2.50, (similar here) as was a novelty tee which I picked up for £1 (similar here).

I didn't do much high street shopping but I did pick up a few pieces online. A Topshop Boutique jersey top (£15, similar here) Topshop ballet shoes (£15 here) as well as a scarf (£9, here) and striped long sleeve top (£16) from ASOS were the more basic pieces but I also couldn't resist this amazing lace top from Finery which I only paid about £14 for after buying it with vouchers and on a discount day. Finally the Boden cashmere cardigan would probably have been the most expensive item I purchased but I was lucky enough to win this!

I also attended two vintage kilo sales so I managed to haul quite a lot from there, at a vastly reduced cost. I picked up all of this from The Vintage Kilo Sale for £30 and I also visited Bristol Textile Recyclers and spent the princely sum of £9.90 on a big bag of clothes which I will post soon. Knitwear seems to have been the bulk of it, which is pretty odd for spring, but it's the UK and it's never that warm!

Total spend this time: £190.40, which is almost £100 less than I spent on the winter capsule. I'm happy with that, and I think I will probably have to evaluate what I have out on the rails maybe mid way through this capsule, weather dependant; it might be I can pack away some knitwear and replace it with tee shirts and short sleeved tops but at the moment, I didn't want to waste hanger space on things I couldn't wear, because the weather is still definitely too cold for bare arms!

XO Amie
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