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Rise Revival vintage leather skirt
vintage leather skirt
vintage leather skirt with pockets
vintage leather skirt with pockets

Vintage leather skirt from Rise Revival

I've been talking about getting a leather mini skirt for years, I had an amazing one which I used to wear an awful lot but I genuinely can't find it! It was such a pity as I really loved the cut of it, but I've no idea where it's gone. However, I did manage to find a replacement at Rise Revival, the vintage clothing and accessory arm of Rise Records in Bristol.

What I really like about this skirt is the fit. It's quite high waisted and it also has pockets, which makes it a little different to those simple pelmet styles that are so of the moment. I also really like the colour, which is a little more grey than black and the leather is so soft. The raw hem detail is really cool too and literally everything I own is geting the raw hem treatment at the moment; I've been chopping hems off things all over the place as I just love the look!

I can't wait to wear this in the summer with my ballet flats and a tee tucked in, but I'll also be wearing it now with a jumper and ankle boots. Finally able to tick off a capsule wardrobe must-have!

XO Amie
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