Capsule Wardrobe: Returns

ASOS premium fringed suede waistcoat
River Island brown tile print cigarette trousers
ASOS premium fringed suede gilet

River Island printed trousers (here and in the sale) ASOS suede gilet (here and in the sale)

The mainstay of capsule wardrobing, and the thing that I've taken most from this project so far, is that any purchases made should be carefully considered. I have found it fairly easy not to fall back into my old habits of buying loads of stuff all the time, forgetting to return it, or wearing it once and never again, and I think it's because I'm buying less blindly than before, or buying an item that will work well with the rest of my wardrobe which I'll get a lot of wear from.

Of course there are always a couple of clangers in the mix and I thought it would be good to talk about what these were, this season, for me, and why I decided to return them. Firstly, the printed trousers. I bought these from River Island and they were technically free because I paid with some vouchers that I'd won. I absolutely loved the print; and a printed trouser was on my hit list for spring, but the fit was just slightly off. They fit well, but there was a weird puckering on the front of the legs that wasn't very flattering and I couldn't work out whether they were just a touch too short; the stiff fabric made them ride up a bit and they just weren't right, so I returned them and consequently found a pair that fitted me much better. I'm pleased I did, because I know I would have never worn these, or felt uncomfortable in them if I did. They are lovely trousers though, and you can find them here if you fancy giving them a try!

Secondly, this suede gilet from ASOS is a prime example of the experience of 'sale blindness.' Reduced from £50 to £14, I thought it would be great for the summer; notwithstanding it's really not my aesthetic (I love fringing, but more so on bags than clothing) and this was just a touch too Western for me. A pity, because it's an undeniable bargain, but I couldn't justify it's hanger space, so it has to go back. If you're loving it, snap it up here whilst you still can!

I have definitely found the things I have bought since undertaking the capsule wardrobe project have been things that I've worn frequently and really enjoyed wearing. I haven't got bored of them, or worn them twice and given them to the charity shop, because I have really thought about what it is I'm buying, I think, rather than just picking up the umpteenth pair of skinny jeans / black top from Toppers or Zara.  It's definitely about changing that 'fast fashion' mindset and buying to suit your style and your wardrobe, rather than bulk buying things that might be in style or currently on trend. It's not easy, because the job of fast fashion retailers is to make this easy to do; and I'll be sharing my buys for the spring capsule soon and they are mainly charity shopped! I haven't spent much on the high street this season at all.

XO Amie
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