New in to the Capsule Wardrobe: The Fashion Edit

This whole capsule wardrobe thing has been somewhat of a learning process for me, and the hardest thing I've found has been not shopping. I suppose I am somewhat of a shopaholic and unfortunately, hard though this is to admit, my 'fashion fixes' have always acted as a way of lifting my mood; retail therapy isn't so called for nothing! However, it did mean a wardrobe busting with things I didn't really like and as a result, barely wore, so this whole capsule wardrobe process has definitely been a cathartic way of dealing with shopaholic tendencies.

It's like anything though, once you've started a challenge, it becomes easier to stick with it. I guess not shopping until the end of the rotation of the capsule allows for more of a thought process around what you are buying, rather than impulse buying lots of items that aren't really appropriate. The idea of buying from a list, or buying set items, rather than just something I like, is a little hard to get to grips with, but I think in this rotation of the capsule I might have managed to do so.

The other thing that I've found I've had to adapt when capsuling is that it can still be easy to buy the wrong thing, which isn't the point at all. I had a few items on my 'wish list' for the winter capsule and when it came to making the purchases, I really struggled to find a couple of key items. As a result, I ended up buying a couple of pieces that weren't quite right, as I felt as though my 'shopping window' was closing and I had to get them in time. You can guess what happened; a week or so after the purchase I was returning them because they just weren't exactly what I was looking for. I think the key here is not to feel forced into buying something because you are advised to shop only during the last two weeks of the season; I think if you know something is on your radar, and you find the perfect style mid-way through the capsule, you should pick it up then, rather than waiting to the allotted shopping time. The point I suppose is that you should buy in a more considered way, less impulsively, and using more of a thought process. As long as you follow these principles, I suppose it doesn't really matter when the items are actually purchased, although I have tried to stick to the shopping during the end of the capsule rotation (for me this was the first two weeks of January as it ended over Christmas)

I knew I would end up spending more on the winter capsule as there were a couple of things I knew I wanted to get, and for the most part, I've managed it! So, here's what I bought:

As well as these pieces, I also got a few other things (not pictured)

So my total spend for the winter capsule was: £279.50 which was around what I had budgeted, I wanted to come in under £300 and I managed that. I knew this capsule would be more expensive as I wanted to get a coat, and after having a good sort through of what I had already and binning off a lot of stuff, I had to replace some things-namely some jaded trousers and a couple of raggedy old jumpers. I was really lucky that I got some money, as well as some vouchers, for Christmas so I was able to absorb a lot of the cost with these. I predict that I won't need to buy nearly as much for the spring wardrobe, as I have a good haul of clothing to pick from and I'm looking forward to switching over some of my more wintery clothes-if the weather allows! It's hard to capsule when there are no real set seasons!

XO Amie
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