Vintage Kilo Sale Haul

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Vintage Kilo Sale Haul

I recently posted here about the Vintage Kilo Sale I attended and this time, I shopped a little more savvy than the time before. I was lucky enough to be able to get into the sale before general admission to take some photos, and as soon as I'd done that I was able to have a good dig through the rails! The last time I attended this event, I was a bit overwhelmed with all the amazing stuff that I hardly got anything-I really didn't know where to start! This time, though, I'd thought about what I wanted to pick up before I went, and I managed to get a couple of the items I had hoped to find!

The first thing I spotted was this oversized knitted cable jumper. I actually tried on about 4 of these but I preferred the fit and style of this one, which is slouchy without being ridiculous! I have a cardigan version that I wear at home and it's so well used; it needs an elbow patch and is pretty ragged, so I wouldn't wear it out, but this jumper will be perfect for spring to wear with jeans or over a dress. This one is similar.

On the theme of jumpers I was also hoping to pick up a vintage sweatshirt, I'd seen a few in vintage stores and Urban Outfitters but they always seemed quite expensive and so when I spotted this Mickey Mouse one I thought I'd add it to my bag. Again, always handy for evenings or to tie around your waist if you aren't sure whether you'll need a jumper (I'm always cold, though, so will always have a jumper to hand!) I also really like this one, too.

Frills and ruffles are set to be a huge trend for summer, and I wasn't really looking for anything in this ilk but when I spotted this super cute denim blouse I had to pick it up. It has frilly sleeves and a huge ruffle around the neck, I love the design and I think I'll wear this a lot as an alternative to my traditional denim shirt. If you are looking for something similar, this ASOS one is lovely.

I shop by feel a lot and I have learned to spot a silk blouse at 50 paces (they're one of my signature items!) Rather than buy yet more collared blouses, (there were loads but I already have several) I found these two loose vest style silk tops in one of the bargain buckets and chucked them in my bag; they are so wearable and the button down style of the white one adds a really feminine edge. Silk is super lightweight and great to pick up at a kilo sale because it weighs next to nothing! This one is also really cool.

On the topic of silk, one of my favourite finds was this amazing black silk tee shirt style dress. It has a shirttail hem and cut off sleeves and it's so lovely-it was hanging amongst a collection of very 80s dresses and I just happened to feel the fabric and pull it out of the rack. It doesn't photograph very well but I can't wait to wear this in the summer, with tan leather sandals it will look so effortless. Love! If you like the style, check this one out from one of my favourite brands, Finery, which is similar.

Finally, something I had hoped to pick up was a flannel shirt. Again, you can find these in vintage shops but they are often pricey and sometimes the fit can be a little weird. Adrian has a few vintage ones that I sometimes steal from his wardrobe but he prefers to wear reds and greens whereas I wear little colour, so the tan and mustard tones of this shirt are much more me. I love this-I was considering buying this one from ASOS but I am glad I held out!

All of this vintage came in at 2 kilos so the whole lot cost me £30, which equates to less than £4.50 per item-pretty much chazza prices! I can't wait to style all these fab finds and I will definitely be heading back to the Vintage Kilo Sale again, check out their website to find details of an event near you.

XO Amie
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