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Wearing: Jumper c/o OASAP  Trousers Monsoon c/o Blogger's Swap Shop ASOS hat Topshop monk shoes 

I've just had a really good clear out of my wardrobe and in so doing, discovered a couple of gems that I'd forgotten about (isn't that the best part of sorting out your wardrobe!) I now have a couple of clothes rails in the bedroom, with really, everything I own on them, apart from a suitcase of summer clothes and one small shelf in the wardrobe, which contains a few pieces of knitwear. I find it much easier to dress if I can see what I've got, and thusly, stuff that ends up stuffed in the depths of the wardrobe rarely sees the light of day.

Anyway, the last time I wore this jumper was I think here, although my all time favourite way to wear it was here. And as soon as it is warm enough for silk trews, I'll be wearing this outfit over again. Since it isn't, I paired it with these Monsoon wool slacks that I picked up from the South West Blogger's swap shop event (I blogged it here.) So they were a freebie, well, exchanged for some of my own unwanted garb. 

My hat obsession continues and today's version is a 'matador hat' apparently, bought from ASOS. I haven't got a hat in this style, so obviously had to add it to the collection. I today almost parted with cash for a faux fur beret, madness. I can't help it; I love a good hat. Hats, coats and shoes: these are my three achillies heels! (and silk trousers maybe. And decent knitwear.)

I think the trousers will look better with ballet pumps but it is way too cold to consider those, and to be honest this was a error in judgement even with monk shoes as my ankles were freezing. However I am attempting to stop wearing my Whistles chelsea boots on the blog quite so much, though I fear they will be cracked out again soon! Bare ankles are not the one in this weather!

XO Amie
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