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Last week, I attended a South West Bloggers swap shop at the Grace Kingsley Academy in Bristol. Held in her pretty salon, a group of girls got together, drunk cocktails and swapped clothes; basically the perfect opportunity to get a new wardrobe for zero pence! Grace was also on hand (excuse the pun) to do nails for a small fee if we wanted, and there were snacks aplenty, perfect accompaniments to a bit of blogger clothes swapping fun! 

On arrival, I saw that there were rails of clothes dotted about the room, with each rail or pile assigned to a different item; for example dresses, skirts, trousers and tops. I set about fitting the items I had brought into their correct categories and then, once everyone had empties their bags and had a drink, we started swapping!

The event had a sort of sample sale feel, with everyone picking up things they liked and nipping off to try bits and pieces on. Everyone had quite different styles so there weren't too many pieces that people were fighting over, which was good! If there was an item that more than one person wanted, it had been decided that a coin would be flipped to decide the new owner! I had a good mooch round and found 4 things that I really liked; a peter pan collar top, a pair of peg trousers, a top from Pull & Bear, and a vintage dress.

It was so much fun seeing the things that people were choosing and it was a lovely, informal way to get to know a few bloggers a little better, whom I hadn't met in person or got to chat to much before. I helped to clear up at the end of the event, and before everyone left, it was decided that if anyone wanted anything from the items that were left over, they could help themselves; I ended up with another blouse, an oversized crop tee, and a little sundress (completely impractical now but I loved the print, so will keep it for next summer!)

The leftover goods were bagged up and were to be donated to charity, so it's great that unwanted blogger goods can then go on to benefit others. I was so pleased with the things I nabbed and I know that several of the things I bought went off to good homes, which is brilliant!

This was such a fun event and I hope South West Bloggers will make it a frequent thing; at least a couple of times a year, maybe summer and winter! It would also make a great event for bloggers in your local area, it's cheap to organise and a fantastic way for new bloggers or those who haven't attended many events, to get involved in a really relaxed way.

XO Amie
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