Polka dots are the new black

Wearing: OASAP jumper vintage rings Fiorelli bag Ash boots Gap skirt H&M bowler

I think it's gone past the point of bare legs now. I've only worn tights once this season so far, though; I managed about five seconds before I snagged them (they were the nice sheer ones) so I've decided it's got to be those Primark fleece lines ones that you could catch on a nail and not ladder, or bare legs. Nothing frustrates me more than a run in my hoisery; I'm not one for that grungy look, it doesn't sit well with me, so whilst I don't despair over a laddered tight on others, it doesn't work for me at all. So in the bin they went at the first opportunity.

Before I had made a foray into said legwear, I managed to get at least a day out of this pretty polka dot skirt from Gap.It has a really cute scooped side which I think makes a definite point of difference from the normal 'mullet' skirts or the skater skirts that you see around. I don't think I could have worn it with tights, any road-it's the sort of fabric that would do that irritating clinging things around the legs. Hark at me, 'any road', I've been watching far too much All Creatures and therefore seem to think I'm from Yorkshire now. I have a couple of episodes planned to watch this evening and I am completely excited about it. #sorrynotsorry

I am loving that cute 'mini with a fluffy jumper' look at the moment, I suppose, with an edge in my voice, I'll have to credit it to the 90's, a decade I do not wish to reference in my dressing but look, it's crept in there with a hint of Cher (Horowitz, not The.) I actually invested in a new jumper today that is even more Cher, if that's possible. I think this one is slightly less so and slightly more edgy-perhaps it's the knit. Or the collar. Either way, I adore it and seem to be unable to take it off!

A really girly look is made instantly edgier still with the right pair of boots, and these Ash ones are doing it for me. I dragged them out of the box from last year and I am pleased that the couple of wears they had earlier in the year has sufficiently broken them in-I've worn them to work a couple of times now and they have been really comfortable. Because that's something else I can't stick: breaking in new boots. Boring! I just want to wear them and them not to hurt me!

XO Amie
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