Trouser Obsession

tb dress blouse whistles trousers
tb dress blouse
tb dress blouse whistles trousers whistles boots
tb dress blouse whistles trousers whistles boots
whistles boots
tb dress blouse primark jacket
whistles lauren taupe jodhpur boots
asos hat whistles trousers whistles boots
asos watch vintage jewellery

Wearing: Primark jacket c/o TB Dress blouse ASOS watch Vintage jewellery Whistles trousers Whistles boots ASOS hat

I seem to have a new obsession in the form of these trousers. I always do this; buy something I really, really like and then wear it and wear it until I can't subject anyone to seeing it anymore. I did this regularly last summer with these Whistles silk trousers, I don't know, maybe it's just the fit of Whistles trousers that I like so much.  Whatever, much as I feel I should be shrugging off thick wool trousers it's not quite warm enough for bare legs yet, and as a nice alternative to jeans, I have found myself reaching for them often.

This look is quintessentially 'me'; a bit glam, a bit edgy (I think) no colour to speak of and definitely verging on the granny chic-the trouser cut combined with a natty ankle boot is just too good. I never thought these boots would work with these trousers, but they do, and how! This is definitely my new favourite look.

Ah, the boots. Another pair to make themselves at home in the shoe collection, I have a dark brown ankle boot but no light brown ones, so that was my enabler. Plus they were a bargain price in the sale. And so soft! I want to wear them with bare legs and denim booty shorts, Coachella style, but for now I'll stick to a peg trouser. Cripes, maybe they'll even work with my silk ones?! There's a thought!

The point of this post really was to showcase this blouse which is just the best thing ever. That collar! It's so lovely and even though it was quite inexpensive it feels really luxe and hangs well. I wasn't sure if it would melt under the heat of an iron so I blasted out the creases with my hairdryer and I am so pleased with it. I am all about neckwear; be it a necklace or a fancy collar, this is such a statement. I don't really wear much jewellery aside of the everyday items I never take off so this adds a nice extra element. I was sent this by TB Dress which is the same website I got the amazing 'Paris' jumper from (seen here). You can buy it here, it's on offer at the moment and is super cheap.

I really don't know how trendy people manage this 'shoulder robing' malarkey with their coats, I reckon they strategically pin it into place to stop it slipping about all over, I mean, it's a nice look to pose about in but you can't actually walk anyplace with your coat like this, the slightest gust of wind and it's on the floor, and how on earth are you meant to carry your bag? No. Definitely a 'picture only' trend in my opinion. I bet they all do use pins. Or tit tape.

XO Amie
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