Feeling French

kenzo jumper whistles trousers asos hat chanel shoes
kenzo paris tiger jumper
kenzo jumper whistles trousers chanel shoes asos hat
whistles louise peg trousers chanel shoes
kenzo jumper asos hat whistles trousers chanel shoes
asos watch vintage ring
kenzo jumper asos hat asos watch whistles trousers chanel ballet shoes
chanel ballet pumps
vintage ring asos beanie hat

Wearing: ASOS hat and watch Vintage jewellery Chanel ballet pumps Whistles peg trousers Paris jumper c/o TB Dress

Ah, the peg trouser. A staple in my wardrobe for many a year, last seen properly worn on the blog here, almost a year ago, and right before I went off on my holidays, when they got an awful lot more wear (with sandals in the sun, take me back!) I'm sure I have actually worn peg trousers since, I seemed to shrug them off in favour of a skinny jean but my affection for a pegged trew will always remain. So when I saw these Whistles ones in the sale, I knew I'd have to have them. They are a little bit big I think, but then that adds to their charm, the slouchy bagginess is something I find quite elegant.

In typical style as soon as I see anything with anything pertaining to France on it, I have to have it, so this tiger face Paris jumper was a no-brainer. Kindly sent to me by fashion website TB Dress, check it out here and have a look at all the other cool stuff on the website; I also got a beautiful blouse which has had a lot of love on Instagram and will be posting that on here soon!

I obviously don't need yes another hat to add to my collection but this small knitted one was only £3 from ASOS and fits my pin head perfectly. I have another one from Primark which I haven't worn yet because I can't figure out how to, it's really long with a pompom on the end which sticks up at a funny angle. This one, however, fits so well and does a good job of keeping my hair in order. Which is no mean feat.

XO Amie
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