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I suppose it's an inherent part of western culture to want to be surrounded by things. I have a lot of stuff, that's for sure; and I am really grateful for it. I love interior decor, I have quite eclectic taste and obviously love anything vintage, especially involving 1960's shapes and muted colours; pretty much an extension of my taste in clothes really.

I also love anything a bit bonkers and also utterly vile; my 'Devon' plate is a case in point, I think it was intended as a wall hanging but I ended up using it as a jewellery plate. Old suitcases sit underneath the bed, filled with my shoes (I used to keep my shoes in their boxes but this is a better storage solution!) I'm going to have to stop buying them really; I have 4 suitcases under there already and a couple of shoeboxes!

The furniture is a mixture of old and new, there are pieces from Argos and Laura Ashley alongside vintage dressers and side tables and a clothing rail from Habitat (which was one of my best ever purchases, it's fantastic). I think a mixture of modern and older looks really interesting and gives a room some character.

Adrian and I both love books, so there are lots of those on every available surface, as well as all my Vogue and Elle magazines which always make for interesting reading. The art on the walls is again a mix of charity shop finds, eBay buys and Adrian's own illustrations and papercuts.

The soft furnishings have come from all over the place, Ikea, Next, even the charity shop, and most of the throw rugs come from Urban Outfitters; I always rinse their sale for printed, mismatched rugs to add interest and colour.

I think it is really interesting how personal style can influence, and translate into, the way you decorate your home. I could spend all day on Pinterest making the perfect interior moodboards! One thing I love about interiors is their transience, you don't have to feel stuck on one style for too long if you have great base pieces to work around. If you are bored of your cushion or throw, or even your bedding or bedframe, you can simply get a new one!

XO Amie
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