Glossybox February Review

Glossybox is such an enigma to me. How their boxes can go from being utterly terrible to totally fantastic is beyond me. You'll remember my scathing review of the December and January boxes; well, I established that I had some loyalty points to use, (giving me a free box) and after they were redeemed, I would be unsubscribing. As it happens, I have enough points for another two boxes, which I am pleased about, and I have already decided I'll unsubscribe once they're used up, but I was really impressed with February's box offerings, which definitely makes a change as far as Glossybox and I are concerned!

How they can go from offering a disposable razor and a small bottle of hand soap one month, to four full sized products (from brands of which I've heard, no less!) is quite baffling; not that I'm complaining (for once) but it does call in to question the consistency of these boxes and your outlay on them; it's a risk. For every great box, there might be four or five hopeless ones, and you're paying the same price whatever you make of the contents. It's this that's made me decide to unsubscribe; I can't get used to spending out on something that is disappointing or makes me feel like I've wasted my money, which has happened far too many times of late with Glossybox to allow one great box to make up for that. However, perhaps they've been listening and reading my blog?! I would imagine I'm not the only person to complain vociferously at the levels to which the boxes have fallen, especially as I am a long term subscriber and, really, you're buying into the Glossybox brand as much as you're treating yourself to a beauty subscription service.

Anyway, onto the contents. This month, being February, was themed 'Be Mine' and the newly redesigned box covered in a lipstick kiss print which is sure to annoy the die-hard pink box collectors who use the powder pink boxes for storage-this will certainly look out of kilter with those but I don't mind the printed boxes now and then, for a point of difference.

The box looked really full on opening, which is a good sign, there were several full sized products as well as a bar of chocolate as an added extra, the Glossy magazine, and the card which tells you about the products. Unlike last year's Valentine themed offering, there was no dodgy massage oil included (thankfully) instead a few useful, tasteful and actually theme-appropriate items. Of course, the stalwart of any Glossybox is a nail polish, but when it's a full sized Ciate paint pot, in a very Valentine red, it's always going to be useful-classic and handy as my other red polish has gone past it's best. Other obviously Valentine-esque products included fluttery lashes (this is now the third box of falsies I've stashed away from my Glossyboxes; I would wear them if I could manage to put them on and not resemble a drag queen-any tips?) some pink sparkling body shimmer (posh body lotion, but smells glorious and, again, is always going to be used) and a lipstick (more on this in a minute.) In fact, the only real 'oddment' in terms of sticking with a theme is the Toni&Guy hair gum; I'm not sure how to use this, is it for short hair styles? If so, there's no point Glossybox holding my beauty details on file which clearly state I have long hair. Hopefully I will be able to use it, I'll have to have a proper read of the info and work it out.

The lipstick is a Maybelline one from the New Nudes collection. I was excited about this initially as I thought the almost conker coloured bullet might transfer as a vampy stain to the lips, but unfortunately this is exactly as I feared: a brown lipstick. Anyone remember that lady from Big Brother, a few years ago, who got engaged to Mario in the house? (can't remember her name, but they went in as a couple and he proposed to her through the glass doors on the patio-class) Anyway, I distinctly remember her face and the fact that she persisted to wear a dodgy brown lippy all the way through her stay. This could well be that lippy. It doesn't look nude. It looks brown. And wrong. All sorts of wrong on my face. I might try and tone it down by attempting the J-17 magazine patented way of making a lipstick more wearable; 'mix with a little vaseline to create a moisturising lip stain!' but I don't hold out much hope; it will probably just make it shiny. And brown. not good.

Dodgy lippy aside, Glossybox, pat yourself on the back, because this is the best box I've seen in a loooooong time. Would have been better without the brown lipstick. But you can't win them all, I suppose.

What did you make of this months Glossybox?

XO Amie

EDIT: Mario's girlfriend/wife was called Lisa! Lisa with the brown lipstick! I had to google it because it was annoying me-turns out, they've just got divorced! Perhaps it was because of the lipstick! He never liked it!
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