Glossybox Review: Festive Treasures

Contents: December's Glossybox

If you are a follower of mine on Twitter you may have seen that I already voiced my opinion on the December Glossybox, and it wasn't particularly salubrious! Safe to say, this was probably the most disappointing box I've ever got, I think because the hype around it was that it would be a fantastic box full of wonderfully Christmassy-themed products which I was so excited to get my hands on. 

This excitement was justified when the box arrived and I unwrapped it. A beautiful red box, with candy-cane printed tissue paper inside, indicated straight away that this box was a little bit special. The Glossy magazine and card inside dictated that this was a 'Festive Treasures' themed box, so what could I expect to find inside? Perhaps a glittery nail varnish? A festive fragrance? Something fit for a New Year's party, say, some false lashes or spangly eyeshadow?

So you may be able to see why I was bitterly disappointed at the contents I uncovered. Festive? Cast your eyes over the pictures above and please, let me know if I've missed anything, but I can't for the life of me see what, from the products included, is in the least bit festive. I actually tweeted Glossybox asking them whether they had sent me the 'Summer Holiday' edition in error; a razor, pink nail polish and nude lipgloss? I really struggle to find the festivity in any of those things!

A full breakdown of what I got included: A Wilkinson Sword razor (I think everyone got this) which, whilst undeniably useful, is probably the most boring thing I would expect to find in an apparently 'high end' luxury sample box. At least this will be used, so it's not a waste of a product but it isn't something I would have purchased. The Maybelline mascara is, again, a useful product to have and probably the only thing in the box I was pleased to receive. The bottle of mild soap is something I've never used before but apparently it can be used on the face so I am going to try it out and see what it's like. I still dispute the 'festivity' of all of these products so far, mind you! The other two products were yet more disappointments; a BM Beauty lipgloss which is a vile colour and texture, I don't overly like lipgloss anyway but a gloopy nude one was never going to be high up on my list of must-have products, and the Seche nail polish would have been lovely had it not been in such a seasonally-inappropriate colour. Glittery red? Gold or silver? Any shade like that would have been perfect, but hot coral pink? You couldn't have chosen a more summery colour!

I actually did a little bit of snooping which I don't usually do with Glossybox, and had a look at what some other bloggers and YouTuber's recieved to see how their items compared to the ones that I got. I have to say that I think I actually got a better deal than most-some got a small lump of organic soap instead of the bottled version that I got and also the Maybelline product varied from a mascara or brow gel to a colour tattoo, which I would have only liked if I had got the shade I already have (on and on bronze) but it seems as if most others got a bright blue one, which, whilst pretty, I would have never used. So at least the mascara will be useful-you always need those!

Did you get a Glossybox this month? I hope you were more impressed with it than I was!

XO Amie
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