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I'm almost a little bit embarrassed to write another post bemoaning the state of the contents of the past few Glossyboxes. Just when I think they can't get any worse, a new low is reached. This month, it's quite clear to me that the redesign of GB and the inclusion of a glossy magazine has definitely been where the expenditure has gone; because the calibre of products just continues to get worse.

I opened this box and then logged straight onto the Glossybox website to cancel my subscription. I wish I had done this after the epic fail of the December box which I wrote about here, but I thought I'd hang out to see if January's efforts would be redemptive-they weren't. The only thing that has stopped me unsubscribing as of the receipt of the January box was the fact that, if you provide feedback on the Glossybox website about the products you receive, you are rewarded with loyalty points, and after amassing so many, you are given a box for free. Somehow, I had accrued enough points for two free boxes; but I am certain that I will be unsubscribing after they have been redeemed.

I really feel that Glossybox has lost its way and instead of being something that I would associate as a premium, luxury service, as it was when I first signed up, it's now become more a bargain bin for travel sized samples you can pick up in most drugstores. I was annoyed at the ridiculously thought out 'festive' box (read my full review here) which included the most un-Christmassy items I could possibly have ever wished for; a nude lipgloss, coral pink nail varnish, and a Wilkinson Sword razor. I still maintain they sent me the Summer Holiday box in error.

I can't even bear to list the full selection of products as I would normally because they are just such a bitter disappointment, the only thing I quite like is the cult Japanese skin cream and even then there's about one day's worth of use in the miniscule packages. The 49p Vaseline skin lotion is just insulting and despite claims that the tweezers included are worth £8, I don't think that Glossybox should expect subscribers to forget that only last year they sent out a boxed HD Brows set-I gave these ones to my mum as the HD Brows ones are still perfectly sufficient. Poor, poor, poor effort.

Here's some advice, Glossybox. I (I expect, like a lot of people) bin the card and the Glossy magazine without even looking at it; I'm interested in the items in the box, not what an ex-Pussycat Doll's wardrobe choices are. If I wanted to pay £10 for a magazine, I'd go to WH Smith's; please, send me something that makes me think this is a high end, premium package of treats that is specific to my beauty needs, rather than a load of old tat I could quite easily pick up in Boots or Superdrug. Remember the Harrods collaboation box, the one that got me hooked on Glossybox in the first place? Why not strive to make every box as exciting as that one? The old packaging was fine, additionally I was quite happy to have a simple card explaining each product, not a full blown magazine containing irrelevant and irreverent drivel that I'm totally uninterested in. There's an old adage, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' and it's one GB would do well to heed.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels like this?! Has anyone else been disappointed with their Glossybox and/or unsubscribed? Conversely, are there any other premium beauty boxes on the market that are worth looking in to? I think Glossybox's market share is teetering given the considerable drop in quality of the contents of the boxes. What's Birchbox like? Or are they all as bad as each other? 

XO Amie
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