Wednesday Wants: Topshop Boutique

Topshop Boutique design

It's rare that I find a collection from any one brand that I really like, especially if that brand is a little different to what I would usually go for. I've had half an eye on Topshop's Boutique range for many a year; I've got a dress by the label that I bought in the sale probably 2 years ago but the price point puts the range up there with the premium high street retailers and so I've tended to spend my money elsewhere. 

I've a feeling I am going to spend a lot more of it on TS Boutique now, though, as a look at the new collection has got me feeling inspired. For someone who doesn't wear much colour, the muted jungle prints seem a perfect way to add a little interest to my daily wardrobe; be they paired with a bleached denim shirt or a simple black tee, they feel fresh and springlike and I want to wear them. Likewise, there are a few pieces to be snapped up in the sale; I've my eye on this camel coat (so classic) and navy kilt to add to my current capsule basic wardrobe. 

What really draws me to the pieces, as always, is the textures and fabrics used. I love silks, wool, crepe, embellishment and embossing and all of these things feature in high amounts within the range. I am willing to pay more for beautiful fabrics and inspired cuts and Boutique is quietly and unassumingly delivering on all counts. Expect to see more 'wishlist' posts surrounding this really rather exciting brand.

XO Amie

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