February DIY: slouchy draped sack dress

I've made a real effort to attempt to continue with my new year's resolution to share a DIY on my blog each month. Last month I made a small clutch bag (here) and this month's design is a sack/tunic dress that I adapted from the basic template from the box top I made last year (here).

This is such an easy item to make, I chose to use a heavy-ish jersey fabric because I'd used the same (in a different colour) for the box top I'd made previously and I loved the drape of the fabric. For the dress, I decided to use a lighter coloured fabric because I felt it would probably go with more; this pale oatmeal shade can be worn with any accessories and could be dressed up or down. I've showed the finished piece with a chain strap box bag, and it could be worn with smart heels or even a satchel and gladiator sandals for a more dressed down vibe.

I bought two pieces of fabric (meter squares) and placed them back to back, measured to the centre point to make the neckline, (which I ended up making a slash neck) and measured 1.5 inches in from the top to make the sleeves. I then pinned the sides together and sewed the sleeve joins and side seams together. This is literally all you need to do, I turned it through and then cut a little off the length as it was too long and drowned me, but I'm really happy with the overall result, which is an easy to wear piece that is similar to the tunic dress I made from two scarves (here) but what I like about this one is the uneven hem which just makes it a little more edgy.

Hope you like it!

XO Amie
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