Instagram Week #11 & #12

Bagpuss window display // Vogue mirror c/o charity shop // Weston carousel shut for winter // New blog header! // New shoes! // Autumn walk // Primark haul // Pigeon steppin' out!

It's Monday, so normal Instagram post service resumes. I quite like posting a weekly collage of pics because I do snap away an awful lot on my phone so it's nice to collate all the images here. This week I've tried to cram two weeks worth of pictures (well, I've picked the best ones!) to share, because like a wally I forgot to do an Instagram post last week. I think I was traumatised from trying to redesign my blog (seriously! Why so difficult!)

I am so happy with the way my blog looks now; the layout is so much cleaner and I hope it's easier to navigate. I am hoping to have a slider at the top with interchanging images (Adrian has already made them but I can't get the html to work to actually place it at the top of my blog.) I must say I feel like learning html after trying to get to grips with it myself; I'd definitely never be short of work, I'm sure! It's like a whole new language! I bet it's ever so complicated though, and I bet there's maths involved. In which case, I will be giving it a total miss. No thanks! I hate maths.

I am really thinking about the content of my blog now, too. I am loving the new lens I bought for my camera, but I feel like I am past the point of tonnes of outfit posts of me simply standing around. I much prefer the ones that are a little more interesting, with images of things other than me; like this one , this one and this one. I think they add a bit more depth and even though this might mean trimming outfit posts back to once or twice a week, dependant on how available my photographer is (!) I think quality is more important than quantity. I will continue to post about beauty, too, and I would like to introduce more posts on interiors and also perhaps feature more about how I put looks together, styling, things like that, and 'wish list' type posts if you'd like to see those?

I took a trip over to Weston during the middle of last week and had a look round the charity shops with my brother, Owen. He has a really good eye for a bargain as well as being really into clothes and fashion and picked up an Armarni blazer and a beautiful YSL Homme jacket for a combined total of £10. He also spotted the Vogue mirror and picked it up, knowing I would love it-correct, £3.99 later it was mine! I got a couple of other pieces which I will be sharing on here once I've washed the charity shop stink out!

XO Amie
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