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Heart Pendant necklace £60 from Guess

I haven't posted much about Guess on my blog before and I'm not sure why. I think I only associated them with watches, which I liked, but since I have a lovely watch already I'm not really on the look out for another one. However, once some imagery from their Christmas gift guide landed on my desk, I had to rethink my former judgement on the brand!

Their jewellery is really, really stunning. There are some absolutely gorgeous pieces and they come in at very reasonable prices. I could have listed reams of images to show you but I have decided to pick out just one that I really liked, which was this heart pendant necklace. Coming in at £60 it would be the higher priced end of a Christmas gift, but what a lovely piece to recieve! It looks almost vintage, to me anyway, I love the burnished gold tone and the sort of sunburst heart shape sitting within the larger heart. So pretty!

I'd wear this as a real statement piece over a plain tee or even roll neck. I think it would bring a real edge to any look and is so versatile; it would look as stunning with a silk evening dress as it would with a white cami and sawn off denim in the summertime. A definite investment!

What do you think of the Guess jewellery range?

XO Amie
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