Happy New Year

Wearing: Topshop coat, Oasis jumper, Primark skirt, Betty London shoes from Spartoo, Mulberry bag

I couldn't believe my luck when I woke up on the first day of a new year to the sun streaming through my bedroom window. It feels like it's rained for about a month so the thought of a little sunshine made me feel really happy. It was also lovely that neither Adrian or I had to work today so we could make the most of a day off together. We went for a long walk, spotted a peregrine falcon and Adrian snapped some pics for my blog which always look so much better than when I have to do them myself with the tripod (as I usually do.)

I am wearing a little wool skater skirt from Primark which is very on trend with the tartan check colourway and I think it's lovely. My coat is a classic that I've had for ages but I love the collar and the shape so I do wear it a lot. The cute little Betty London shoes are the perfect height and style for everyday (I do love a flat shoe) and the gold block heel adds a nice glamourous touch.

What have you done with your first day of 2013?

XO Amie
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Unknown said...

I really like your shoes, they are so dainty and cute. xxx


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

I'm so jealous of your coat, and I love how you've worn your hair! I also definitely need to get my hands on those Betty London flats!

I wish I'd had a nice a day as yours, mine was spent recovering on the sofa! xo

Roxy said...

I love your coat :) it was a gorgeous day today! Unfortunately I had house cleaning to do! Xx

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous day - we went for a walk this afternoon too - was such a crisp, fresh feel to start the new year : )

Anonymous said...

Hi amie happy new year. I worked new year and went to bed early last night! Bit dull but oh well. Tonight I'm indulging in a box of Belgian choc and gingerbread waiting to catch up on eastenders on my computer. Love the coat, it's got a nice collar. Xx

Unknown said...

I was SO excited to see the sun today! How awesome. Now if that could stay and the wind could go, I would be ever so happy...

The Style Rawr said...

Happy New Year lovely!! I couldn't believe the weather either but unfortunately the boyf & I were too hungover to make it outside haha.

I do love this coat. Can I have your bag please? ;)

The Style Rawr!

Bailey said...

Beautiful photos, I had no idea you live round here! I live just round the corner from the bridge (well, in halls). I love your coat, I hope you've had a glorious new year! Bailey xx

Kim said...

Happy New Year Amie! I hope you had a lovely Christmas :) Your hair looks beautiful like this xx

Style At Every Age said...

Happy New Year gorgeous girl, these pictures are beautiful xx

Kate said...

Great post!
Happy new year!

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