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New in - Beauty Pie makeup 

I recently posted about some BP skincare I had purchased after having run out of all my skincare almost at once. I also needed to get a couple of makeup bits and bobs so thought it might be nice to share my thoughts on here.

I didn't go wild in the aisles as I don't wear a lot of makeup, but there were a couple of things I wanted to try. I alluded to the Superluminous Undereye Genius in my skincare post, and having ascertained that I'd probably purchased the wrong colour, I also picked up the more apricot coloured shade. It's called medium/deep which is wild as you can see from the side by side shots, it would be far too light for any dark skins and even perhaps many Asian skin tones - I have an olive/yellow undertone to my skin but fundamentally it's still very fair and this was by no means too dark for me, therefore it's hardly inclusive. Come on BP, do better! 
That aside, the darker (!) shade did cover up my more purple dark circles better than the lighter shade, but was less brightening. I will use both, though, I don't want to waste them and the slightly darker shade also doubles up as a really good eyeshadow primer! The price of this was £7.39, with a non-member price of £20.

I repurchased The Unbeatable Concealer in shade 75 which I absolutely love, and have been waiting for a restock of. This is priced at £7.06 with a non member price of £20. I love this concealer. This is the second one I've purchased and it is rare for me to use up a whole pan but that is what happened with this one, I was scraping product out from round the edges! It's such a great product, I apply it with my ring finger and just pat it on under the eyes and it stays put, doesn't crease and makes me look much more awake. So of course, BP are discontinuing it *eyeroll* I'm wondering whether to buy another one, or resign myself to the fact that I am going to have to find another concealer to stan?! Why!!
I also gave a brow pencil a go, which is unlike me as I stand by my £2.99 Collection brow pencil but as that had run out, and I've not been out shopping as we're in a lockdown, I thought I'd give this a whirl. A bit more expensive (£5.69) and - sadly - not as good, I've learned that I prefer a chunkier pencil to put my brows on rather than a fine one where you can draw them in hair by hair. I prefer the power brow look to the natural look, so this takes a bit of work to build the brows up to how I like them. However, they do stay on all day, and if I can be bothered to do it properly you can achieve that microbladed look which I do think looks great. It's not a complete fail as I will of course use it, but I'll be back to Collection once this is finished!

I'll end with a big win though! A while ago I got a packet of lipstick samples from Mac (can't remember where from or why I got them!) and obviously with wearing a mask all the time I hadn't bothered to use them. However I thought I'd give one a go for a zoom call the other day, so tried out 'Tres Blase' and loved it - it's a sort of peachy nude which gives that (excue the cliche) 'your lips but better' look. It also lasted ages and was really softening, basically just lovely. I did consider buying it but I've a feeling Mac is not cruelty free, and in any case, the lippy was almost £20 which is madness to me. Happily BP came up trumps with their own version, Futurelipstick Luxe Shine in 'Master Sweet' (£6.76) a peach toned nude which is almost an exact dupe in colour and finish, and it even smells the same! At the same time I also picked up a matt version of the similar shade as it's a colour I wear frequently (or did before I was wearing a mask all the time) The matte version is called 'Sweet Life' and costs £5.32.

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