Wishing for Spring


It's funny, I've not written any blog posts in such a long time but I am going to try and at least post one a month for 2022 (call it a resolution or goal!) Perhaps fewer outfit posts, though I have a bank of those to work through, and more perhaps a mix of beauty, fashion, consciousness and basically things I am enjoying in 2022!

Fundamentally I've learned that I am a summer dresser, which is strange because I always thought I preferred dressing for winter. I think the lack of summer holidays or the muted feeling of summers of the last couple of years has made me wish to be in sandals even more quickly this year. When's the earliest it's acceptable?! 

In a bid to shop more conciously, I've started creating wishlists of products I like, and then I try and find them second hand or, if I can't do that, I'll try and find the best version of that item I can afford. Not rushing to buy something because I'm worried it will sell out (a feeling many online retailers are excellent at perpetuating) means I can think about how it will fit in my wardrobe, the cost per wear, plan out looks I'd like to try with it, etc. Also, it makes me dig into my existing wardrobe, as I habitually re-buy the same things, in different colours. I suppose I have found my style lane and don't often deviate from it!

So these items, I've realised on reflection I actually already have in the main....cotton jersey shorts which seem to cross the boundary from WFH comfort to acceptable outerwear; a chunky gold chain, of which I do have several; classic grandad sandals (I have this exact pair from Kaltur and they are the perfect blend of chunky but not Spice Girl) and an oversized linen shirt, something I actually don't have in my wardrobe BUT I have plenty of secondhand silk ones which would work just as well. An outfit to bank for warmer days. 
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