Wearing: £1 shirt from the charity shop, Vila jeans (old) and very old M&S shoes

Excuse these pics which are about a year old; can you tell I've not been on a blogging tip for some time! Scrolling through my saved images though I thought they'd be good to post because I've just dragged this shirt out of my summer storage box ready to re-wear. It was a quid from the chazzer like all the best shirts are!

The jeans I still have although I've really gone off ripped jeans just lately, I prefer to wear quite an 80s or 90s style high waist, tapered leg in a really plain wash so either that nice denim blue, black or stonewash. I love the colour of this pair but when putting them on one day I put my foot through the rip and made it twice as big! But they are nice thin denim which is good for those days that it's not really dress weather. 

The shoes and leather (faux leather) jacket are sadly in the out pile....the shoes I just wore and wore and the same for the jacket, but because it's faux leather (=plastic) it's started to crack and flake off in areas which is a shame, but I bought it in 2013 and have pretty much worn it constantly since so it's served me well! Earlier in the year I bought a real leather (vintage) blazer from Depop which I am hoping will last me even longer than this leather jacket did; being a blazer style it's got more of an elevated shape than the biker which I think suits me better. But I did love this biker though!

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