Beauty Haul: The Body Shop

The Body Shop haul: Vanilla Chai sugar scrub (£6) Red Musk body lotion (£2) Red Musk perfume oil (£3)

I love The Body Shop, and I'll often visit a store even if I'm only passing by, just to see if they have any new products in or offers on. I recently visited a store which isn't one that I visit very often, so I thought I'd have a look at their sale selection as I find that different stores have different items in stock fairly frequently.

In a sales haul post just after Christmas I talked about this Red Musk body lotion which I had found, and I loved it so much that when I saw they had some left in stock for £2 instead of £10, I picked up another one. This is quite masculine in scent, spicy and peppery but I love the smell and when I was paying I saw the perfume oil at the counter, for just £3 instead of £16, so I bought one of those as well. The perfume oil isn't very long lasting but it layers up beautifully with the scent from the body lotion, so it's nice to have to give the scent an extra bit of longevity.

The item I was most excited about was the Vanilla Chai sugar scrub. This scrub is everything. It exfoliates my skin better than any product I've ever used, my legs and elbows have never felt as soft as they do after I have used this. I made the error of thinking all sugar scrubs were the same, and after finishing my first pot of this after Christmas, I bought a shea butter one at great expense (£15) from The Body Shop. After the Vanilla Chai, it was such a let down - it barely had any 'scrubbiness' at all and felt very greasy on the skin, I felt no exfoliating effects at all and I really didn't enjoy using it. When I saw the Vanilla Chai scrub in the sale section for £6, I bought two - not something I would usually do, but as I love it so much, I wanted to stockpile this because it's fast becoming one of my all time favourite products. My loofah has been consigned to the side of the bath for the foreseeable because this is so much better! It's on the website here but for some reason it's £7.50, I paid £6 per pot in my local shop so perhaps check out the high street first. 

XO Amie

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