Oasis presents: Bessie the Bus

Bessie the Bus

On a typically drizzly spring day earlier this week I went over to Weston-super-Mare to visit the Oasis pop-up mobile shop, Bessie the Bus. The team had kindly invited me down to take a look at the store on wheels, and I wasn't sure what to expect - surely there wouldn't be that much shopping space inside a mobile shop? 

I was completely wrong, of course - Bessie, an ex-library bus, has been completely revamped and boasts rails and rails of clothing space, a fridge stacked full of shoes and accessories, a till point for purchases and even a sizeable changing room! Packed full of the latest collections, it's a one-stop shop for all things Oasis.

Bessie has been travelling around the country, visiting various locations that don't play host to an Oasis standalone store, which is great as it means you can go and experience the Oasis brand even if you don't have a local store. It's lovely to be able to touch and try on the clothes, somthing that an online store just can't facilitate. 

I loved all of the products on board - there were some really beautiful watercolour floral pieces which make up the collaboration with The Fitzwilliam Museum, summery stripes mixed with bold florals as part of the Flower Press collection, and hot summer colours heating up the Blossoming Brights collection. As well as this, there were shoes, accessories, scarves, hats and bags - basically, everything you could need to sort out your summer wardrobe!

Bessie will be in Weston-super-Mare until 22nd April, so if you're local, make sure you head down and take a look!

XO Amie
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