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One of my favourite places to shop beauty is The Body Shop. I love the range of products, I've been shopping there for years and I can always find something to buy every time I visit a store! The latest small haul I picked up just after Christmas. I had some money on my points card to spend and I was shocked at how low priced everything was - even for the sale, the reductions were great!

I actually picked up a couple of body lotions, this red musk one and also a Fijian Water Lotus lotion which didn't make the photo call. They were £2 each from £10 and they are the sort of bathroom cabinet staple I don't mind picking up - I'd actually used up all of my body lotions so this made sense to buy (I'm trying, as in with my wardrobe, to avoid buying products I don't need!) They smell great and make my skin super soft, and I really like that they are intensely fragranced which I know isn't for everyone, but as I like the scents, I enjoy that. They also have pump caps which makes getting the product out so.much.easier!

A product I bought on a bit of a whim was this Instamatte solid compact. Basically a compact primer, this smoothes on under makeup and acts as a primer to give foundation staying power. It's colourless, so can also be used over the top of makeup (although it's fairly oily so I would have thought it would wipe makeup off!) It comes with an applicator sponge and I really rate it, it definitely made my face smoother and perfect for makeup application, but I've had it for just over a month and I've used it all up. I thought 'crikey!' when I hit pan after about 2 weeks but it doesn't last long at all, I'm not sure if I was a bit heavy handed with it (I didn't think I was, my skin didn't feel greasy) and I did use it daily, but I was surprised at how quickly I blew through it. It cost £3 instead of £15 so I'm not unhappy about it, but I would be if I had spent £15!

I can't comment on the efficiency of the Pomegranate range yet as I haven't tried them properly yet but I got on great with the Korres Pomegranate range so I'm hoping I'll like these too. Again, at just £6 each instead of £22 for the serum and £20 for the night cream, they represent good value so I will probably review them more fully when I've used them a little more.

The final product I wanted to pick up was a blusher as I have finally finished my Collection one. I actually prefer the shade of this one and it was just £3. Unfortch when I opened it at home, the case was broken, which is irritating, but it doesn't affect the product so it's no biggie really. The colour is sold out but I would definitely recommend the product, the consistency and coverage is lovely.

XO Amie
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