Trench Dressing

Wearing: Primark beret (similar) // New Look jumper (similar) H&M trousers (similar) Whistles loafers (similar) vintage bag (similar) vintage Burberry trench (similar)

Looking out of the window this weekend you'd never think it was warm enough to wear a trench coat and a bare ankle just days previously. This trench, however, is a vintage Burberry and is actually a wool blend, which makes it really warm - good for spring, but I've worn it on a chiller summer day and actually been too hot in it, so it's not a super thin, lightweight jacket (although it looks quite lightweight!)

You might recognise the jumper in this post from this haul and the trousers from this one. I've worn both of these pieces loads this winter; unfortch the jumper is looking a little worse for wear so I can't imagine it will do another winter; then again it was only £8 so it has done well for the season for the price I paid. The trousers however have held up well and they are really comfortable to wear, as well as being a nice break from jeans or 'work' trousers (although I can wear these to work with a shirt and not feel underdressed)

My bag was on the charity shop pile for ages (I just never used it) but I didn't get round to actually giving it away and I when I was looking for a small bag the other day I thought I'd give it a go. I couldn't remember why on earth I wanted to give it up and then I put it on, and the buckle on the strap always tears my hair out! I don't know why but there's something about the buckle that means my hair just catches in it and it's so painful. It's a good bag to use when I'm wearing my hair up but not otherwise!

Must, must, MUST get these loafers re-heeled as they are wearing down. I am trying to embrace an ethos of repairing what I have rather than slinging it and buying new, it's just bloody expensive. I've got a Mulberry bag which I love and have just had a quote for a repair on the broken strap....let's just say I could probably buy another beautiful handbag for the price of the repair. But on the other hand, it's a bag I love, which was a gift, so I think it makes sense to get it mended because I'll be able to enjoy it for years to come (and I'll never buy another handbag again!)

XO Amie
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