January Fashion Favourites

Blouse, jumper, trousers all H&M // Boots Betty London // Dress Reclaimed Vintage

I've talked about capsule wardrobing on my blog, about more considered shopping and buying better. So therefore showing clothing from H&M is probably not very in keeping with that mindset. I've not shopped in a really long time - since May 2017 really, and my wardrobe was in need of a bit of a refresh. I picked out a few pieces in the sales from a few different brands - H&M, Topshop, New Look, Reclaimed Vintage and Finery, places that I tend to shop at on and off the high street. The way I shop has changed, too - I usually buy online (although conversely all of the H&M pieces were bought instore) and I think about each item carefully before committing to purchase it, rather than simply filling my bag with things I only half like, to be worn once and then consigned to the charity pile or the back of the wardrobe.

I have bought 4 jumpers this season and this is plenty. I have no need for any more and they have replaced some tattier ones from last year which I have recycled. The red one is a bit different for me as I am not usually a fan of bright colours, but I've recently dyed my hair darker and so it seems to work. I couldn't find it online but this one is similar.

A polka dot blouse was not something I was really looking for but a shirt without a collar was. This fit the bill perfectly and was only £5. Again, I can't see it online but this one is also lovely. Along with a collarless shirt, I have been trying to find a pair of pleather trousers for about 6 months without success. I didn't want a skinny pair, more a peg shaped or straight style and whilst I was a bit hesitant about the khaki colour at first, this pair have proved invaluable in my wardrobe. With a black or cream jumper and loafers they look fantastic and I've worn them loads, not bad for £12! These are a similar shape if you like the look, but in black.

As for the red dress, this was a Christmas present from Adrian and I love it. I had these silver boots already and I knew that they would look great with this dress  - I love a midi, I love the fabric and I love the cape detail to the back. It's only £20 in the sale now (typical! Sorry Age!) so you can shop it here. It's by Reclaimed Vintage which are a brand sold on ASOS. The items are made in the UK using vintage pieces as their inspiration which I think is really cool and definitely in keeping with my own personal style.

XO Amie
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