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One of the things I have to really remind myself to do is drink water. Luckily I actually quite like it - I'll often choose a glass of water over any other drink - but I think, especially in winter, it's difficult to motivate yourself to drink the requisite 2 litres a day required for optimum health, great skin, shiny hair, relief of fatigue and a boost to the immune system- all the benefits that we know this delivers. 

Ion8 make it easier with their drink bottle range which means it's easy to fill up and go, another benefit of which is that you'll no longer need to buy plastic bottles which as we all know, are detrimental to the environment. Constructed from BPA free materials, the bottle has a flip top lid that can be opened with one hand, and holds a litre of water. 

The Ion8 also includes a lid lock which means that the bottle is 100% leak proof, 100% of the time. No soggy bags or drenched laptops, just effortless and easy hydration. I also like the fact that the drink spout is encased under the hard shell of the cap which keeps it clean and free from dust and bacteria.

With the sunshine this weekend pointing to promises of summer, I'll definitely be making more of an effort to keep hydrated and drink more water all year long. This Ion8 bottle costs £16.99 and is available from Amazon.

XO Amie
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