The Importance of Self Care

I've posted before about the importance of downtime - something which in today's internet-driven world is often hard to find. I also wanted to talk about another idea, that of 'self care' and the importance of taking time to look after your mental and physical self. This could manifest in different ways; but ultimately it's dedicating the time to it that is what's important.

For example, I was doing some yoga the other day and realised I had moved through a few salutations whilst thinking about my to-do list for the rest of the evening. Even though I was doing something I really enjoyed, and took time out of my day to do, my mind wasn't in it as I was thinking about the washing I had to do and the blog post I had to write. This defeats the point really, I love yoga and it really helps me to unwind and relax, but if my mind is going into overdrive and making a to-do list, it takes away all of the good things that yoga can do for me.

Whether it's taking a bath, reading a book, practising yoga (without thinking about other things!) going for a run, painting your nails; anything that you can do to look after your self in body and mind is important, and if you have to schedule it in, do so. It can feel very idle, I think, in today's society, to be seen to be doing 'nothing' but actually, it's necessary - taking time to put down your phone, step away from a computer, disconnect from social media and relax, is crucial. You don't have to allocate hours; just taking 10 minutes to go for a short walk (without a purpose, like going to the shop!) can be liberating and refreshing. And in a society obsessed with work, Instagram and #goals, extremely beneficial.

XO Amie
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