The Importance of Downtime

Everyone is always so busy. Working, socialising, taking care of the daily chores and routines that make up our days. I sometimes find that it's really hard to actually stop and unwind, to take a bit of downtime, without feeling slightly guilty that you should be doing other things at that time.

I found myself midway through a yoga routine the other day, stressing that I needed to finish so I could do the hoovering. It really started to strip the enjoyment out of what I was doing; a yoga routine that I was really looking forward to. I started thinking about ways in which I could enjoy being relaxed and chilling out without the guilt that I should be being more proactive.

I try and do household chores each evening if I can; like washing and odd cleaning jobs so that I can avoid having to spend the weekend cleaning. I always find that for me, this is something that I like to get out of the way, and I do find it difficult to relax or enjoy days off if the flat is messy or there's ironing to do, so I try and get them done and out of the way if I can.

I also try to factor in time to relax into my week; I think it is crucial. Just as having a rest day from working out is important, it's equally so to let your mind switch off from the stresses of work and the daily grind. I love reading, so whether it's an hour to get lost in a book or just flick through the latest fashion magazine, these are treats I like to allow myself. Taking my eyes off a screen is really important, and stretching with yoga and pilates is also a great way that I like to take time out to myself to unwind.

It is hard to fit in time to chill, but I do try and make time, where I can. How do you take time out?

XO Amie
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