Products I've Used Up #28

This 'empties' post focuses mostly on skincare products that I've got through this winter, and there doesn't seem to be that many but I had quite a backstock of products so I thought it would be good to feature some that I'd actually finished and really enjoyed using. Hand cream has been my go-to through the winter, I always have a tube in my bag, several at home, one in my car, always within reach, basically! A couple of note are this L'Occitane one, which I got as part of a set, not really for the results it gave (I've used better hand creams) but the scent of this was lovely and it was easy to put in my work makeup bag as it's a small size. The Sanctuary Spa hand cream, however, was fantastic; it had that classic 'Sanctuary' fragrance but was super thick and quickly absorbed. I would buy this again as it was lovely.

Skin is somewhat covered up over the winter months but I think if you maintain a good exfoliation and moisturising routine it makes having to bare it in summer a little less brutal. I have spoken before about my love for body oils and this Monu Spa one was amazing - it smells like a holiday in a bottle and really made my skin soft and smooth. Likewise, a tan-enhancing moisturiser might seem an odd choice for February, but I liked using this as a daily moisturiser regardless as it was super softening and non-greasy. I try and moisturise daily if I can and if you have a product you enjoy using it makes it a bit less of a chore! The final lotion I have to feature is another L'Occitane product - a brand I love but don't buy as often as I should (it's quite expensive) but I really like the ingredients they use in their products - a lot of florals, herb and spice based elements. This Jasmine & Bergamot lotion was quite unusual; a mixture I wouldn't have considered would work but the vivid bergamot tempers the sweetness of the jasmine and overall, it makes for an intriguing scent that lingers on the skin.

XO Amie
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