Tartan Trousers

Wearing: Urban Outfitters jacket (similar here) ASOS scarf (similar here) vintage trousers (similar here) Topshop cropped jumper (thrifted - similar here) Whistles boots (here)

The last time I wore tartan trousers I was at high school and they were probably pretty similar to these, although I remember they had red in them. I teamed them with a navy or a white cotton jumper I think for a non-uniform day, which sounds actually more sophisticated than it was; my high school fashion sense was lacking in the formative years and skewed in a Y2k way that has become (horror) cool again by the end. It was probably around 1996/1997 and my entire school-apropes wardrobe (i.e, stuff that I could wear on a non-uniform day, as ripped flared jeans didn't make the cut) existed of those tartan trousers, a pair of New Look black bootcut trousers, 2 knitted cotton jumpers in navy and white, a lime green (?) chenille cropped jumper, also from New Look and a 'Spliffy Man' jersey waistcoat (with hood) that I wore if I was feeling rebellious, having never smoked a cigarette, regular or artistic, in my life. 

So I suppose it makes sense that in the 20 year cycle of fashion, tartan trousers are having a moment - I was actually all set to get this pair from ASOS when I found these ones in the chazza. They fit so nicely and I actually found a velvet pair in exactly the same cut the week before - granny chic at it's finest. This seems to be becoming a thing, too, and I love that I will be able to crack out my midi skirts and buckled loafers and now be on trend!

The Whistles patent boots of dreams are taking a beating this winter and I can't seem to take them off, having not worn them for a few weeks they are now my favourites once again. They are so comfortable, maybe that's the granny chic thing again but a little block heel is so much more preferable to me than a stiletto, or even a high heel; throw back to 2000 and I wouldn't be seen in anything less than about a 5" heel and any shoe I wore had to have a platform. I am so glad social media wasn't around then, to commit my fashion faux-pas to eternity, however I do wish I had taken more pictures or kept more of a record of my favourite fashion items, I can only remember a few and I'm sure there were many more, although 'fast fashion' wasn't really a thing then (at least not in deepest Devon) and I shopped in charity shops since my teenage years, so I don't think my wardrobe was ever actually that sizable, at least until I started earning my own money and reading J-17. I'll try and find some photos from way back when and perhaps post a few fashion throwbacks!

XO Amie
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