Review: Beauty Blending Sponges

Blending sponges from Love Me Beauty (similar here and here)

I mentioned in my Love Me Beauty review that in my latest subscription, they had forgotten to include one of the items. My beauty blender turned up a couple of days later and they'd also thrown in a mini one for free, and since I've already been using that (I had one already!) and loving it I thought I'd review them both.

Made from a lightweight foam sponge, these tools are designed to be used damp, to add extra moisture to dry skin and ensure a seamless and streak free makeup finish. I usually apply my makeup with a brush, but often find that it can leave swipe marks on the skin despite trying my best to buff my makeup in. Equally I can sometimes find that they don't spread my base evenly, with more product ending up in the bristles than on my face!

I've used a blending sponge before and although I liked this Nanshy one, I like the lighter weight feel of this LMB version. It is also a lot softer, and when run under a warm tap and squeezed out a couple of times, they double in size. The pink one is perfect to apply foundation; you can use a dabbing motion to place the product on the skin or use downward strokes to achieve a sheered out finish. I don't like to wear a heavy base so this is ideal, just one pump of foundation will makeup my whole face on a blender, whereas I'd need 1.5-2 on a brush.

The yellow sponge is perfect for concealer, as the small size and pointed end means you can get right up inside the crease of the eye without smudging the rest of your makeup. Because the sponges are so soft, they don't pull or crease the delicate skin around the eye and it's easier to dab on the concealer where I need it (on my dark circles) than it would be to try and apply it with my fingers or a brush.

One of the best things about these blenders is how easy they are to clean. I simply add a touch of antibacterial handwash when I've finished using them, squeeze them out under the tap a few times and they're clean! Much easier than scrubbing product-clogged brushes. 

I am really enjoying using these beauty sponges-do you use them?

XO Amie
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