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This seems a little wintery for the beautiful weather we've been having in the UK of late, but I wanted to round up some of my favourite buys and pieces from my capsule wardrobe. I have found that since putting a capsule wardrobe together, I have really been appreciating what I have, as well as shopping a lot less, and in a much more considered way.

The Levi's jeans I bought from Urban Outfitters at the start of the spring capsule were SUCH a rip off, and I was annoyed with myself for spending almost FIFTY QUID on a pair of jeans they no doubt spent about 10 pence on, but the fit was the best I'd found after months of scouring the chazzers. To be honest, I have worn these jeans. They have quickly become a favourite and I think the lighter colour will continue to work well into summer with sandals. If you want to spend FIFTY BUX on a pair of jeans, you can get them here, or these ones are close enough if you aren't crackers!

An aran-knit sweater may seem a bonkers choice for spring but it is the UK, and since it snowed in April I was sensible to keep a cosy knit to hand. Actually because of the oversized fit of this one, picked up at a Vintage Kilo Sale, it is ideal for cooler evenings or to tie around your waist (or shoulders, swimming instructor stylee) Similar ones can be found here and here.

Finally, a favourite shoe in the form of these oldie-but-goodie Zara bangers. These are maybe 2 or 3 years old now but don't look too decrepit considering how much they have been worn; they are so comfy and perfect to wear to work, or when you want a summer shoe but don't want to expose your toes! These ones are similar.

XO Amie
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