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May beauty and makeup empties, products I've used up, repurchased products,

May empties: Korres CC cream (here) Vaseline intensive hand cream (here) Aveeno hand cream (here) Arbonne FC5 eye cream (here) The Body Shop Love Etc lotion (similar here) Seventeen eyeliner (here) Lush Sikkim Girls (here) Benefit eyelash primer (here) Garnier micellar water (here) Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream (here) Batiste dry shampoo (here)

I seem to have finished up a lot of products this month, some have been favourites and some have been ones that I've been using off and on for a while, so it's good to get through them! I am really feeling more summery beauty products at the moment, it's really nice to embrace lighter fragrances and more natural makeup now that the sun is shining again.

I probably could have done a whole post on hand creams I've finished up, but I'll briefly talk about them here. This Crabtree & Evelyn Lily handcream was lovely, I got it as part of a beauty box and wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. It definitely made my hands a lot softer and I also really liked the scent.
Despite the weather, I still need to use a hand cream as I have such dry hands and also suffer with pomphlox which is worsened in hot weather. I like this Vaseline Intensive Care handcream as it's quite lightweight, but it contains an antibac which seems to irritate my skin so I won't be buying this one again. I will probably re-buy this Aveeno one, though; the colloidal oatmeal content makes it really nourishing and even though the fragrance isn't very nice, I do find it works well.

For the face, I was gutted to finish up my lovely Korres CC cream. There's a full review here, and I would definitely look to re-buy this again. I am using a No. 7 foundation at the moment and I don't like it nearly as much, the coverage and longevity definitely aren't as good. I also finished my pot of Arbonne FC5 eye cream, and was again gutted to do so; I love this product and although it is on the expensive side, it lasts for absolutely ages so is a worthy investment. This Garnier Micellar Water is another favourite-I think this is my second or third bottle and it's just fantastic for removing makeup-following this with the Nivea cleansing cream I talked about here has really helped my dry skin.

Makeup wise, it's no surprise to see another eyeliner pen in my round up. This Seventeen one was bought out of need as the one I usually get was sold out. It was ok, but definitely not up to the Collection quality! They have recently been on offer for £2 so I made sure to stock back up! Another product that I was surprised to like was this Benefit primer. This was a magazine freebie so I thought I'd give it a go, with little hope as I absolutely hated both the eyeliner and mascara from this range (I appreciate I am in the minority there, but I just didn't get on with it!) The primer, however, I loved-it's a light brown, so can be worn as a really natural mascara or helps to give the lashes length and volume when worn under your favourite mazzy. I just wish it wasn't so expensive!

A couple of oddments now-this Body Shop lotion is pretty old, and I was pleased to get to the end of the tub because I actually have a Sanctuary one that I prefer. I liked the scent of this but I think because I had loads of it, I actually got a little bit bored with it. I was obsessed with the fragrance and lotion for a while, but I've used it all up now and as it's discontinued, I can't re-buy, although I am tempted by this one once my current stash of body lotions runs out!

I have really enjoyed the fragrance of this dry shampoo by Batiste. I have tried a lot of the varying scents and this is certainly one of my favourites; it's quite light and works really well as a dry shampoo without making my hair turn to straw! Speaking of fragrances, I am gutted to have finished off my bottle of Sikkim Girls by Lush. This is my new signature scent and I am obsessed with it, although I am going to resist buying more until my birthday in the early autumn, as I've a couple of more summery scents to enjoy over the warmer months. This is a really special fragrance, though, and I know I'll go back to it! (I've already asked Adrian for a bottle of it for my birthday!)

XO Amie
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