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I really enjoyed putting this post together last month, and as it happens I have been really enjoying the sunshine with a good book, so it's definitely back on my agenda. Adrian and I had a day off together last week and we ended up wandering into town, and into our local Waterstones branch where I managed to pick up a few new reads, which I thought I'd note here!

The Girl on the Train: Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have heard all about this book which charts the life of an alcoholic woman, Rachel,  suffering a breakdown as her marriage, job and home come cascading down around her. Living her life vicariously through a couple she sees most mornings through the window of her train, she imagines their perfect life. But then she sees something shocking, and days later the woman she's been watching has disappeared. Her disappearance coincides with a blackout caused by alcohol and Rachel has to try and unlock what happened that night.  
This book was an absolute cracker. Not in a long time have I read a book almost in one sitting, but Friday afternoon and most of Saturday were taken up by it; it's pretty unputdownable and now Adrian has got his teeth into it, too; a real gripping thriller that I highly recommend!

Sweet Valley Confidential: My childhood was shaped by bookshelves crammed with Francine Pascals' Sweet Valley Twins series; they provided such interest and enjoyment to me and as I got older I devoured most of the Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley University books, too. Of course, when I saw this Sweet Valley Confidential: 10 years on book in the bargain bin for £1 I was never going to leave it behind! I can't wait to read it, it's so nostalgic, I did cheat and read the back a little and in the book it would seem that Jessica marries Todd (!) and Steven Wakefield is now in a civil partnership with Aaron Dallas. AMAZING.

A year in the life of Facehunter: Around the same time as the Sartorialist really started to make an impact on blogging as we know it, Facehunter, aka Yvan Rodic, was taking pictures of all the cool, interesting, beautiful and quirky characters he met on his travels, and publishing them online. This incredible collection is more a reference book than a reading book, a pinpoint in popular culture harking back to the earliest days of blogging and self-publishing online. Another bargain buy, for £3 I just had to pick it up.

What are you currently reading?

XO Amie
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