Review: Nivea Facial Skincare

nivea cleansing cream wash review update
Nivea cleansing cream wash and Nivea soft review update

Nivea Cleansing Cream Wash (here) Nivea Soft Cream (here)

I posted a couple of weeks ago about this Nivea cleansing cream wash which I was kindly sent by the brand (not to blog about, just as a sample!) and I thought it would be good to review it properly after a couple of week's use. I was unsure whether it would make a noticeable difference to my skin but I do think that, used in conjunction with this Nivea Soft cream (which I was given for Christmas but have only just started to use) it has really helped my dry, tight skin. The skin on my forehead was really getting me down, it was super dry and flaky (ugh!) and it was so irritated that I went to see a nurse who gave me some medicated cream to use. That helped, but I think this Nivea cream has helped even more.

The cleanser is creamy and it doesn't feel soapy-it doesn't lather into a foam but rather into a looser version of the cream, perhaps like a lotion. It feels silky on the skin and I usually apply it after removing my makeup to ensure my face is properly clean. I don't need to use very much, I've still got about 3/4 of the tube left and the scent is nostalgic and calming. It's especially nice to use in the evening as the fragrance is really relaxing.

I reached for this Nivea Soft after one of the Youtubers I watch recommended it. It's like a cold cream-really grannyish and has the same sort of scent as the cleanser. I think sometimes it's good to really simplify your skincare regime and I've been using only these two products (and an eye cream) for the last few weeks, and my skin is definitely benefiting.

My face feels a lot softer and my skin is clear and hydrated. I am really impressed with the quality of these products as they are real budget buys and it just goes to show that you don't have to spend a fortune to achieve great skincare results. The Nivea Soft is also suitable to use on the hands and body, so it's a great multitasking product and one I shall continue to use. 

XO Amie
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