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I felt as if I'd only recently posted a 'Products I've used up' but actually the last post was way back in December here, so this is the first empties post of 2016. Again, as I mentioned in the December post I haven't really been buying much beautywise; apart from subbing to a new beauty box, I've really had little beauty related to chat about. However, I seem to have got through some old favourites since Christmas so I thought I'd talk about them today.

The Garnier Micellar Water has become my makeup remover of choice although I now have a bottle of Bioderma to try, thanks to my brother and his girlfriend who live in France and sent me some French beauty products for Christmas! Daniella also made the lovely makeup bag you can see in the picture. Before I crack open the French skincare I wanted to finish up this version; it's brilliant and I have already repurchased it to use again (it was on offer). It's not mega cheap; around a fiver; but it is so good at removing makeup in one go, no need to faff about with loads of cotton wool and it doesn't make your eyes sting!

Almost everything in this post is facial skincare apart two products, one of those being the Omnisens skin oil. I absolutely love skin oils as opposed to lotions or creams; they seem to work a lot better and also absorb a lot quicker, too! This one was in my 'Love Me Beauty' box, and although it was a small sample, a little went a long way and it lasted a good month or so. The smell is divine and I would be tempted to repurchase this although I think it's quite expensive. The fact that I used it up so quickly shows how much I loved it!

I posted in depth about how much I liked the Korres range here and I really enjoyed this body butter-my preference for oils didn't prevent me from loving using this, too. It is quite a heavy, buttery cream in texture; similar to The Body Shop body butters, and again the scent of this was delicious. I also noticed it did help make a difference to my dry wintery skin!

For the face, I finally used up this Botanics serum that I've had in the cupboard for ages. I wasn't a huge fan of this and I didn't find it worked as well for me as the Botanics range usually does, although it wasn't unpleasant to use I didn't see any obvious difference in my skin after I had used it. It made quite a good base for makeup although did leave my skin feeling a little dry on occasion. Likewise, this Lush Ultrabland clenaser was a disappointment; I really wanted to love this as I had heard so many great reviews about it, but again I found it either seemed to break me out or make my skin unbalanced; either too dry or too oily, which was a real shame as it was so well recommended. But I guess not everything works for everyone! I did finish it up so it can't have been all that bad.

Finally, cosmetics wise, and two base products that I can't rate highly enough! This Max Factor primer was just wonderful-in my 'Products I Regret Buying' post I chat about how the Accessorize primer didn't work for me, but this one totally did. It's such a lightweight formula and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy at all. Worn with the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, it gave me a pretty flawless base, I loved this foundation and will probably re-purchase once I've finished up the CC cream I'm currently using.

XO Amie
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